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  1. L/H White


    Mexican Hot Pizza, 7 Franks Hot Wings and a case of bud Let's go
  2. L/H White

    Walking Football

    must be difficult to not run sounds weird as long as you enjoy it though thats all that matters
  3. L/H White

    Tv Shows

    the Ted Bundy tapes on netflix are brilliant
  4. L/H White


    just looking for a few bets last year i had both teams to score points in every 1/4 which was 16/1 (possibly a boost) only 4/1 this year ffs
  5. L/H White


  6. L/H White


    anyone stopping up for the big dance? i've booked monday off
  7. L/H White

    This Weather.....

    hope it's washed away by weekend ffs
  8. L/H White

    Todays Games

    over to reds tonight could open up a 7 point gap
  9. L/H White

    Walking Football

  10. L/H White

    Non League Chatter

    not been down to colls last few weeks, had shit loads on hopefully pull this off now would be an unreal achivement
  11. L/H White

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    dropped 6lbs now nearly in to the 13's
  12. L/H White

    In Or Out Again

    disagree. more shit has cropped up since, even the powers that be didn't have a clue ffs
  13. L/H White

    Holidays 2019.

  14. L/H White

    Holidays 2019.

    Venice was great, permanently lost but great fun Got a boat to Lido and Murano, watched them make the glass which was really impressive Did a Gondola ride for the experience Boat to and from the airport was good, some great views Horrible experience on the flight home, felt like we was free falling coming I to Manchester, about to land, could see the runway before the pilot put the plane back up as the wind was blowing the plane all over, loads crying and few having panic attacks, got us down at the 2nd attempt
  15. L/H White

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Ordered these last night

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