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L/H White

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  1. L/H White

    Todays Games

    true, but, aguero, silva and kdb are their 3 best players everton seem to do well against city, hopefully they put in a good performence saturday and we turn the scum over sunday
  2. L/H White

    Ashes 2019

    how much?
  3. L/H White

    Transfer Gossip

    and to think, it wasnt to long ago we was being linked with Rivaldo
  4. L/H White

    Todays Games

    Reds flying this season I wanted us to go out last night tbh to concentrate on the league Hopefully City will drop a few points over christmas with the injuries piling up, Aguero, Silva, KDB & Mendy all out atm
  5. L/H White

    Ashes 2019

    still got?
  6. L/H White

    Holidays 2019.

    no mate, going with the enemy, markets etc it is
  7. L/H White

    Holidays 2019.

    hamburg next friday
  8. L/H White

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    any of the fellow geeks on here see the avengers trailer?
  9. L/H White

    Sunday Blues

    went to the pub sunday night, had 3 pints and won the quiz ended up having 2 hours kip, must have been through the excitement of winning £20
  10. L/H White

    Uttoxeter today

    13:30 - Chef Des Obeaux - Now Mcginty the danger 14:00 - KitKat
  11. L/H White

    A place in the sun

    Always fancied Cyprus when I retire
  12. L/H White

    In Or Out Again

    "we'll be out within 2 weeks"
  13. L/H White

    Mosconi Cup

    they have drone racing on sky sports now and they wonder why people fuck it off
  14. L/H White

    Official Boxing Thread...

    mans sport don't wear pillows on their fists and get split up by the ref every 10 seconds a true fight

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