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  1. read a belter tonight, the goverment are orchestrating a no deal brexit, and want people off the streets, thats why the numbers are going up. jesus christ
  2. last round of midweek golf tonight, booo
  3. haha, would love to see that kind of data what a clueless set of idiots
  4. L/H White


    some win in vegas last night jacobs and waller are beasts
  5. over 3.5bil in fraudulent furlough claims will put a stop to that
  6. loved power, wasnt sure about this, i'll give it a go
  7. it's comical, this is the worst government we've had
  8. pubs must shut by 11pm in wales hahahaha, whats that an hour earlier than usual?
  9. trainers and jumper arrived this morning the trainers are superb in the flesh, as is the jumper
  10. see, i think they are the best they'v released for a long time, each to their own like
  11. happy with that, 22/1 and 60/1 places would have been 4 placed if it wasnt for casey and hovland both doubling the last
  12. yes, i've ended up with 2 pairs pal, missus got me some without me knowing, and i bought a pair ha
  13. https://www.adidas.co.uk/alderley-spzl-shoes/FX1502.html?cm_sp=SLOT-8.4-_-MICROSITE_ORIGINALS_SPEZIAL_CPLP_%3F-_-PRODUCT-SHOWCASE-PRODUCT-CARD-_-559983
  14. doubt i can shift on eaby either
  15. never bothered, they become dated very quick swallows, betty boo, tazmanian devil with a joint, roman numerals, tribal patterns, now half sleeves etc, all been the in thing to get, now they all look daft, imo
  16. Got the aderley in 8s for sale here
  17. A masters in November could be carnage. Play a lot touger, which i prefer
  18. Harris English 2nd best thus far
  19. doesn't seem to be popular the latest spezial drop got some aderleys and the jumper all still available
  20. rumour of a 2 week partial lockdown, pubs etc shut schools and majority of work to stay open
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