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  1. This government that is now giving people who can afford to eat in restaurants £10 off their meals is the same government that had to be dragged kicking and screaming into making sure poor children could eat over the summer holidays.
  2. those blue passports are being made by a french company in a polish factory
  3. it is, he's doing that thing again where he starts to trip over his words when he gets flustered
  4. Keir ripping Borris a new one again
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/07/several-pubs-in-england-close-after-positive-coronavirus-tests heard one is called the bay horse or summut
  6. yeah basially mate internet, an app called IPTV smarters and £30 a 1/4 they'll be other deals out there etc... but i've had my nearly 3 years and never had an issue with it no buffering, not been closed down etc... I think Zico is still on the same priovider
  7. I don't touch that crap pal Hop n Hazelwood is my local, proper stuff Horwich dosser
  8. No from me Enjoyed drinking at home tbh All these that can't wait for a 'proper pint' why? It's usually just watered down piss. Very hard to get a decent pint these days
  9. just popped on to :lol: at all those that said we'd bottle it champions
  10. look the same as the london series just chnaged the colur of the middle stripe shite, imo
  11. golf comp at 4:30, hopefully cooling off by then
  12. nice walks, nice places to eat, scenery can't do much as missus is up the spout
  13. i'm just after a few day somewhere nice over here this year, always fancied somewhere in scotland or wales any recs
  14. it stopped a few weeks back must admit, i found it rather patronising
  15. Drove passed my local this morning Full delivery being loaded into the cellar
  16. yeah, i've emailed for the code, thanks
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