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  1. Why what does it say on the Wanderers website i can't access it here.
  2. Give me a week am just in middle of changing jobs and have alot to sort out then i will be their every week to play if you have already got a permant Keeper i can play out as well.
  3. I Believe Renault is going down the road where that car wash is as well.
  4. The deal is dodgy as a ??20 note, They are at WHU to be in the shop window when they get their big money move WHU do not see a penny of the transfer fee it goes to MSI company who inturn will buy WHU.
  5. What for you're phone call because you're going to be the only person ringing them.
  6. Is it me or is this the quietiest deadline day for a couple of seasons?
  7. This is really strange he must have failed his medical or wanted to much money.
  8. Dwight Yorke [sydney FC - Sunderland] Free
  9. Keep dreaming Natasha not going to happen.
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