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  1. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    Heartbreaking story
  2. He is class. Saints very good today....fair play to them.
  3. I went that one, and seen almost every lad I went to school with.....and none of them was Bolton frans either. Top day.
  4. They should be fucked off full stop. And as the current leaders of the English top league....we vote the red cunts out....
  5. They would play weakenbed teams in the prem. Or even have 2 squads, to be able to keep playing weekend and midweek. Last week they wanted less games.....and now this means more.
  6. Please just let them go. Can all other clubs not just vote them out.
  7. Book of condolence has been deleted.
  8. great aint it....it goes some way to start levelling up all the terrible derby decisions over the year...even carragher is joking about it. in the grand scheme of things, we dropped points yesterday....
  9. they should have easily won that game, worst we have played all season, so bodes well.
  10. Well, as long as we finish above 12th then we are improving. Good point on reflection that today....fair play to them...coming away to the league leaders and getting a point is massive...
  11. the world is healing itself...
  12. It was fecking piss funny🤣🤣🤣
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