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  1. Its a great point. Every club is guilty of that kind of hypocrisy, and so are all us fans. You loved it in the prem spending too much and throwing big wages at big names, same for us throwing money around funnelled into the club via a dodgy Uzbek mate of Putin. Everyone has a hint of that in the clubs, tax fiddles etc, all sorts. Suppose its a matter of how much good the clubs do too, maybe its a balancing act, and not all take take take.
  2. Good....he is very welcome to come and join our mob!!!
  3. If you down that root, be interesting to see what else teams would have won.
  4. Real / Barca NEED the prem giants, badly. Without them this does not happen. It completely saves those 2 clubs. I can see Chelsea & City backing out....maybe Spurs too....then that leave sthe greedy 2/3, they lose an advantage.
  5. I dont think they care about collecting trophies righ now, the number 1 priority looks like money. They are badly badly in need of it right now. This ESL would mean 1 trophy, so they are giving up the other chances to win euro trophies/cups....just to be part of this finance league.
  6. Financially, massively. Look at the debt Real are in.
  7. Looking more and more of a play to break up the Prems dominance in Europe this, by the Spanish clubs.
  8. Those super league clubs will be back way before that happens. Someone has to be bottom of that league...do you think clubs used to being the top, will be happy to be bottom of this new thing !?! Its not as rosey for everyone as it seems.
  9. Thats all those clubs are anyway, so no loss.
  10. You are goint to extreme with it. We have a high % wages to TO, becuase we are propped up by rich owners, and they know what they are doing, and can throw more in at any time, like they are doing. Sky money is not disapearing, it may drop next year a bit, but not like what you are hinting at. We would be fine, we are not run by Bill and his re-mortgaged house anymore.
  11. If the club cant afford it, they will sell those players. Its debt that would kill us, but we dont have any of that. If the money goes, it goes for the other club too.....then the main income would be from the fans, thats when the fan base would matter more than ever.
  12. Everton bought who they wanted before sky anyway, we do have the advantage of having a big fan base. IF money went, than it would level alot of the prem again. Obviously the big waged foreigners would go....not arsed about most of them anyway. Rather play young lads every game...couldn't care less if we are in europe or mid-table.
  13. We gave up our season tickets at Goodison a couple of years ago now. He misses the match day, but he is 16 now, so is going to go the Unibol with his mates....none of them are Bolton fans either really.
  14. Good, it goes pop and we play in the dog n duck league you are in, you are all still living and breathing.
  15. My lad can't wait for a Bolton season ticket once all is ok to do so.....
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