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  1. Ratwhite

    Dirty, Horrible, Leeds

    First home game for fucking yonks due to circumstances and apathy. a resounding 1-1 draw
  2. Ratwhite

    norwich away

    I hope for Meldrew, Jnr and the 200+ others that there is a pre-Christmas miracle on Carrow Rd
  3. Ratwhite

    Our next manager

    Have PP goes, I can't see us replacing him, with all that shit going on in the background. KA will install a "virtual" Manager or the BigRon2018/19 e-manager system for Amstrad
  4. Ratwhite

    King Ken

    Is exactly where I (and a number of other season ticket holders) am at the moment. Normally the football would outshine the behind the scenes shit, sadly it's as bad on the pitch as on it. I pay for 2 season tickets by DD so am doing my bit in supportIng the club, the effort of going a "home" game is just too much at the moment, as can't sit and listen to some of the shit spouted from others (possibly Trust brigade or Twitter Twats) end up wanting to tell them to fuck off. We need a new owner / investor (quick), KA is the only way of us achieving this, whatever your thoughts are without KA we are fucked. The Trust have less money or means and are purely a "noise" in the background. it ain't rocket science.
  5. Ratwhite

    King Ken

    Every boil needs lancing.
  6. Ratwhite

    King Ken

    Getting away with it all messed up...
  7. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    Sadly I can only see doom and it breaks my heart to admit it......
  8. Ratwhite

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Playa Blanca - Lanzarote Old Mill even has a BWFC pendant on wall
  9. Ratwhite

    King Ken

    Ken Anderson - great business man and that is proven. Great owner though? Time to make a decision me thinks: Sometimes the right decision is not always the easiest, as he got the balls, never mind the money..
  10. Ratwhite

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Got a fucking ridiculous feeling that we’ll win this. May be the holiday sun. But 1-2 us not very thinly veiled “I’m on holiday “but have trailed every bar and pleaded at a few to see if they will show it - sadly champions league seems more atttactive to customers - no idea why
  11. Ratwhite

    King Ken

    Have I missed something..
  12. Ratwhite

    Our next manager

    Is where I’m at. nail on head. the years of shit wearing us down
  13. Ratwhite

    Millwall away.

    Been thinking exactly the same.
  14. Ratwhite

    Our next manager

    If KA was gonna pot PP he'd have done it by now. Hands tied me thinks due to cash. stuck with what we have.
  15. Ratwhite

    Wanderers V Swansea

    He’s done for me. enough is enough etc...

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