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  1. Ratwhite


    Off we go
  2. Ratwhite


    in plus 3 Hi
  3. Ratwhite

    Transfer Gossip

    BSA didnt do too bad with "these older players" JSL
  4. Ratwhite

    Stoke v Bolton.

    Stoke 0 please 16% possession. 1 point
  5. Ratwhite

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    soooo. Carig Noone, dont make it bad Take a bad pass and makie it better Remember to stick it into their goal and if their fans boo things can only get better, better, better,.............. na, naa, naa, nana na naa, nana na naa, Craig Noone Itll never work like Victor Meldrew said....
  6. Ratwhite

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    kinell i was ony joking, some clever fuckers on here....
  7. Ratwhite

    Celebration of Craig Noone

    Started to pen a football song about Craig Noone after his goal yesterday. To the Beatles song "Hey Jude" - got a bit stuck though. Here's what I've got up to now. "Craig Noone.
  8. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Derby

    Great win like the look of Otzumer the ball through in the first half was sublime. Just need a nickname for the fucker as i can’t shout his name without spitting. Buckley showed more than I’ve seen from him before and thought defensively we looked sound.
  9. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Derby

    Fancied us last two home games and we were shite. Think we'll get dicked tomorrow. 3-1
  10. Ratwhite

    Erhun Oztumer interview

    Sure he was the one who was in the box for a corner between Wheater and Beevers and scored off his backside?
  11. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Derby

    "Conference"! of the closing parties.............
  12. Ratwhite

    Ipswich v Bolton

    or when we play any side with a poor run/record to rid themselves of - step up Bolton..
  13. Ratwhite

    Boro v Wanderers

    How long is his contract £££££
  14. Ratwhite

    Ipswich v Bolton

    Ipswich havent won a game this season (JSL), we all know whats coming....................
  15. Ratwhite

    Phil Parkinson

    I can accept the change in formation, and ultra defensive thing away from home to a good side. But not sit home to the likes of QPR. For me he isn't helping himself.

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