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  1. Ratwhite

    Norwich City at home

    Did last night's result just fuck us up
  2. Ratwhite

    Preston h

    Ken Can Do 2-2 Theyve got a full squad now, not like at there place
  3. Ratwhite

    Sheff Utd away

    Good effort all things considered
  4. Ratwhite

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Not when your front two are Messi and Ronaldo, and were 4 up against Northampton after 23 mins, 6 points clear at top and only 4 games left.
  5. Ratwhite

    Sweaty Ken

    Its so Kenneth can justify no incoming players.
  6. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Reading

    2 adult spares West Stand Lower in box asap have to meet me outside ground about 7.10
  7. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Reading

    Was driving to this, but parking in Lostock (in psooible snow) has made me decide on match bus. Plus side is Ale...........
  8. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Reading

    Unless they are from North Russia, Iceland on Norway.....
  9. Ratwhite

    Transfer Gossip

    was waiting for this... 1 and half games and BOOM "next Zach"
  10. Ratwhite

    Bolton v Reading

    In for this, first home game for a while. 0-0 snow draw
  11. Ratwhite

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Just seen that pal. still 13/8 double chance can't be sniffed at.
  12. Ratwhite

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    we"'ll do these fuckers Saturday yes I have had beer. but yes i believe it. you heard it first. BTID
  13. Ratwhite

    Sweaty Ken

    This "Apathy" thing has been coming on for a while (with me anyway), the KA thing and the shit that goes with it has just about killed it for me at the moment. Ive 2 season tickets (both on DD) and none got used last night, add this to Big E's 5 and probably a few hundred more (who i would suggest are quite passionate about the club like me) and the feeling in the ground gets worse. Ive been to as many aways as homes this season and thats not been many, and even they arent appealing at the moment due to the standard of performance and none scoring ability. Ive organised coaches and mini buses from Atherton to many aways over the last few seasons, but the love is just not there at present, i will carry on with my season tickets as its my support of the club I love, and ill be there again, but Christ this is the worst i can remember it feeling in the 45 years of following and maybe social media is to blame for this. Honestly dont know the answer and what would be best (apart from the Billionaire route obviously), but id honestly take a "Rangers" route if it meant i could watch a team playing with passion and a chance of winning, were the fans were all on side again.
  14. Ratwhite

    WBA home

    I'll buy the Kens got crabs one, how much?

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