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  1. Danny G

    Take Over

  2. Danny G

    Take Over

    Nearly there according to Nixon. 1 last doc i know I know
  3. Danny G

    Take Over

    Last I heard nobody had blinked. Admin will have to pull the plug soon though. It can’t go on.
  4. Danny G

    Take Over

    Today is the last throw of the dice
  5. Danny G

    Take Over

    Hotel staff due to be paid today, not happened. Been told it will be Friday.
  6. Danny G

    Take Over

    No clause can prevent any action if it is illegal. Reckon he knows how to stay on the right side of the law, just.
  7. Danny G

    Take Over

    Is not paying back a loan a crime?
  8. Danny G

    Take Over

    Not a clue, maybe if the lender agrees to the clause then nothing can be done? KA defo knows the game that he is playing
  9. Danny G

    Take Over

    I am convinced that this is 100% bang on the money.
  10. Danny G

    Take Over

    Apparently the loans to KA are secured against his personal assets so house, car, boat etc. If he didn’t pay back then EDT can have assets seized. With the clause They wouldn’t, simple as that.
  11. Danny G

    Take Over

    Whether it went to the club or not is irrelevant in this scenario. If Ken lent it all to the club, and it’s secured he will get all £7.5 million back. The clause he wants inserting would mean that he cannot be pursued through the civil courts by EDT for Not paying the loan back to them.
  12. Danny G

    Take Over

    KA has nothing to lose and £7.5 million to gain with this clause. He will not back down. Reckon this was his plan all along, throw it in there right at the end.
  13. Danny G

    Take Over

    This 100%. One thing for certain is that EDT Legal team will go at him like a pack of fucking Rottweilers if we go under.
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