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  1. convinced we are going down the head coach route
  2. Agreed, it doesnt work over here. seems to do abroad
  3. Local Offy got in a load of Belgium brewed Stella a few weeks back. Stronger and tasted loads different. Embarrassing going there Twice on a Tuesday. It was Sunny though.
  4. Is Phoenix signing the players and employing a coach? Apologies if already discussed
  5. Ha ha nowt better than picking up a firm turd that leaves zero residue
  6. Tempted to give him to the Kebab shop at the moment. ill probably end up with him back wrapped in a naan though.
  7. its not the same since he had his teeth taken out
  8. Tried changing it gradually, i think his guts are Fucked TBH will wanking him off help?
  9. Not been on here for a while lads so greetings. Is there a way of gentlly altering your Dogs diet without it resulting in it dropping farts worse than a Napalm Bomb? Percy Pug has not been well so we tried switching his food again, to a more 'Wet' diet. Fuck me the smell is horrific even compared to the ones i am doing after last nights 'Mystery Meat Kebab' TIA
  10. Danny G

    Take Over

  11. Danny G

    Take Over

    Nearly there according to Nixon. 1 last doc i know I know
  12. Danny G

    Take Over

    Last I heard nobody had blinked. Admin will have to pull the plug soon though. It can’t go on.
  13. Danny G

    Take Over

    Today is the last throw of the dice
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