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  1. To be fair, until Hughes rules himself out of the running for the job, speculation will grow for him to come to us. Coyle has declared that he doesn't want the job which is fair enough but it's anybodys guess who will take over.
  2. Has been confirmed on Skysports that Cahill has agreed a three-year contract extension! Best news all Summer in my opinion, lets hope a release clause has been taken out!!
  3. 2 players, in Knight and David have improved the first eleven imo and i agree, Robinson and Rickets are good cover players. All solid teams need a stable defence and i think that is what Megson is trying to achieve which he has done. Now he needs some pace and flair further up the field
  4. I can't believe some people are slating Megson's signings already and predicting what will happen next season. Give the bloke a chance because this season, the team will be his own and fair enough, if it is as bad as some of the performances from last season, then the criticism is where it is due. With 2 or 3 additions, in attacking positions we could start to be looking alot more of a solid unit.
  5. Julio Cesar was brilliant in his first game for us, then spiralled dramatically
  6. Julio Cesar of Brazil, played left back a couple of games for us
  7. How many times have we scored in the last couple of the seasons resulting from long throws. I believe that there are hardly any times when a chance has been made from them. The long throws aren't unusually long in the first place and opposition have recognised that we do the long throw every time and therefore they place two players infront of the player we are aiming for. At times a long throw is necessary but its time we mixed it up more because if we can get crosses into the box from a short throw in, then surely we have more chance of scoring.
  8. Been linked with Matthew Kilgannon from Leeds today in the People. Probably rubbish but if true, is he any good?
  9. What are people's views on Idal Tal so far? I watched him on Saturday at Goodison and was impressed, although he does give the ball away cheaply at times.
  10. I've been 3 times to Goodison and all three have been great matches although we haven't won every time. 0-0 when Rooney ripped campo to shreds, good match but lucky with a point 2-3 Davies scored a brace but they won with a dubious goal from Stubbs and a Radhi Jedi own goal 4-0 last seasons triumph at Goodison, where we were absolutely quality going forward. Bring on Saturday, hopin for another Wanderers win
  11. Both legends, couldn't pick either 1 who was more important as they both where influential in their own seperate ways
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