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  1. Fuck me some folk need to get a grip can’t express a opinion now
  2. I hope not have we not suffered enough
  3. medwaywhite

    Take Over

    Awake at a daft time this morning can't sleep 63 yrs watching the whites and today it could all end .praying for a miracle
  4. Had one fitted changed suppliers and now it doesn't work
  5. NO. Only 2matches left and they will get their money been shithouses all season
  6. going to Dubai for 3 days then onto a cruise for 10 in December ,any recommendations for Dubai ,how to get around ,what to see .?
  7. medwaywhite


    I just want the season to end and hope we have a club for next season never felt more depressed as I do now . 64 yrs since my first match .never felt as bad as I do tonight
  8. Was told today that the match will not be played behind closed doors it will be played at a later date if we don't get clearance for Saturday
  9. medwaywhite

    Take Over

    Yes mine have gone as well
  10. Whens this nightmare going to end
  11. Two funerals I’ve been to lately. One had wish me luck as you wave me goodbye the other one always look on the bright side of life .not made my mind up what I’m having
  12. I’ve have not done to bad apart from twice shit defending I only think with someone new in we have a chance .but sadly I can’t see us getting rid of parky
  13. Some good footballing news well done lads
  14. RIP Peter really skilful winger glad I had the opportunity to see him play .was brilliant for us
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