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  1. Hope everything turns out fine get well soon Nicky
  2. Just had a email with 2 codes for tonight
  3. Emailed Monday sorted today 4 +1
  4. If they try to relocate me that’s me done
  5. Does anybody know who 96taf was who said he worked here as a youth team worker and other jobs sounded like he hated us
  6. Looks like somebody on Latics speyk has put up the topic of when we was in the shit and all the pages of piss taking they did makes interesting reading
  7. Heard it was for leyther matts vouchers
  8. Flying out to lefkas Saturday stopping in nidri any suggestions where to eat what to see .looking forward to chilling for 2 weeks
  9. My 2 and the grandkids 2 waived
  10. RIPTony always gave 100%
  11. RIP Ralph fellow wanderer
  12. RIP Charlie condolence to his family
  13. They have just replaced my garage door after doing a repair on it 5 yrs ago a great job done highly recommended thanks Shaun
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