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  1. RIP fellow wanderer. Donation made
  2. That 5 Bolton players in 6 games sent off by this ref
  3. Awhat a fucking team get in
  4. Cruise booked end June round the med also booked skiathos early September fingers crossed they go ahead
  5. Nice to see the dog shit city’s second team get beat might keep that pablo bloke a bit quite.there’s only one thing worse than a scouser it’s a Bolton born scouser
  6. Got a couple bottle of whisky and a Austrian sport newspaper the day after nat scored the winner to get the lion of Vienna ,quite a few photos all I need now is somebody who can translate it
  7. Youngest grandson plays today 12-30 ko can’t wait
  8. Aldridge one match I think against Liverpool at the Reebok was getting stick by Bolton fans walked into the foyer got a cig out pulled a ten pound note out and lit his cig with it ,then proceeded to blow the ten pound note out and put it back in his pocket,utter cunt is Aldridge
  9. Not received anything emailed ticket office got back straight away said they’d sent a email to my grandson however they can see that he’s not got a email account attached to his account so we are all in group D very fast the ticket office sorting it out .a big thumbs up from me
  10. Sadly missed o for someone like a Gary speed now
  11. Just received ours not got a fucking clue how to download it ,il wait till I get our cards
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