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  1. jazza

    5 Years On

    Love all you boys but I told you It was no mistake Never been happier
  2. jazza

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    A mate of mine in Burntisland claims that a great great uncle of his owned the winner of the Melbourne cup... For the life of me can't remember it's name but his last name was Urquhart. I'm sure the horse was Loch something or other. He tells a great tale of how the horse won on bottomless ground and had it's tail tied up. Edit: I think was called Glenloch Edit again wow, it's true, did somew research... this is story he tells. Well worth a read https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/cup-back-home-115-years-later/news-story/1b3f1e130e123ee6ac0647fccd71667b?sv=2497a85fd03a7c740d6c7f029d7dfa7a
  3. jazza


    Just wishing those that deserve it all the best. Long time since I posted here... sadly the few knobs outweighed the sound lads and I moved away. Bolton til I die
  4. jazza

    Firestick/ Kodi

    install sportsnation in kodi £17 for 3 months and perfect for me. HD streams of channels and games difficult to find other places. You can also have om pc through their website
  5. jazza

    Wanderers 0-0 Chesterfield

    Temporary return... I only get in trouble Still read now and again though.
  6. jazza

    Wanderers 0-0 Chesterfield

    Also proud to see I still have 3 warning points here despite not posting for year or more
  7. jazza

    Wanderers 0-0 Chesterfield

    Burntislands finest is attending... batten down the hatches
  8. I'm here mate... very rarely login these days but sad to hear you're trying to quit drinking... it's a bastard. Don't give up, even if you do go off the rails climb back on. I still like a good swallae but a fraction of the dark days. I can't tell you how to do it, I suppose only thing I can say is I didn't beat it until i really wanted to... I said I did plenty before I screwed the nut but smarties have the answer... not me Good luck mate
  9. jazza

    Pud (Andrew Leigh)

    Pud is a top bloke. If anyone has the strength and courage to beat this illness, it's him. I love this video of him in Madrid talking sense into the fans before telling the Spanish police they are cunts. skip to 3:30 and you will see him http://youtu.be/dY_9WtiTAME
  10. jazza

    Letting Agents

    Personallyi think the cunt that owns the company is already under the centre support for the new Forth Bridge.
  11. jazza

    Letting Agents

    Been dry shafted by SJM letting agents in Kirkcaldy, but not as badly as my landlady. The cunts have trousered 3 months rent from virtually every property on their books and disappeared into thin air. Theyve also failed toput any deposits into the insurance fund they legally have to since 2009 despiteit being in writing in my contract. In short Ive been robbed. So SJM whatare you going to do about it? http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/news/fraud-investigation-probes-sjm-lettings-firm-in-kirkcaldy-1-4261660
  12. jazza

    2 Years

    Thanks a lot for all the kind words especially Dr F for taking the time to write such nice things... I'm not sure I see myself as an inspirational character though. I appreciate and am eternally grateful to the fine lads and odd lasses from WW as in the depths of my lows you helped more than you know to get me through. I've come out the other side and have never been happier. I've great mates on here and now many of them are in life too... Bern Whitt CWP (he was Jazza's bird by the way) And the rest of you who know who you are. The best fans and club in England if not the world. Edit to say, I'm sorry it didn't work for you E but at least you gave it a go... I'd never have forgiven myself for not trying and I hope you feel the same
  13. jazza

    2 Years

    . Baz. You were straight up front and gave me advice I'd have given you... when I turned it down you were behind me... and aye, widders fuck them all
  14. jazza

    2 Years

    I knew mate and thanks, this was aimed at the head up their own arses 1% 99% here are the best people you could ever meet, so it's ok with me

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