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  1. Fight fire with fire. 3 - 4 😀
  2. Dunno. If he keeps picking Baptiste and Comley, it's like he's trying to get sacked. Really hope this is our turning point.
  3. Tangerine infection to strong to overcome
  4. Winning the possession game though 🙄
  5. He really doesn't have to pick baptiste though.
  6. Have to laugh as otherwise I'd cry.
  7. Get it sorted Evatt. Forget this "total football" for a bit and just make us hard to beat. If you can't play well, just make sure your work rate is higher than the opposition. Results will come (hopefully 😟).
  8. I bet they can't fucking wait
  9. Just another match where the other team are way faster than us and appear to have 3 or 4 players more on the pitch. Bonkers
  10. Free kicks ? Darcy, best dead ball delivery going off last season.
  11. Comley should have been subbed for that pass alone
  12. Don't want to find out 😟
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