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  1. Loving these recent 'fluky' wins and refs giving us a fair shake. It's about time and we're overdue things going our way.
  2. I'm hoping Keef at Tranmere gets it. Should ensure a nice shit run for them, hopefully
  3. Dunno if we'll win it, but we are going up.
  4. Shows how good our result was down there 😀
  5. Just keep winning our games, all we can do. Be reet
  6. Fair's fair, I thought Baptiste was a terrible signing. But he's made me eat my words. Hats off to both him and Santos, keep it going lads.
  7. Roll on Saturday. Win that and we really are right in the mix.
  8. I saw the thread title and immediately thought "one can only hope"
  9. As am I, but tranmere's gd is 3 and Morecambe's is -1. That and I'd prefer us to win a few games comfortably, less stressful 😀
  10. 8 home games left, really need to be winning 7 (preferably all 8, obviously ). And then win all 9 away 😁. Honestly, win these next 2 and playoffs are definitely on.
  11. It's happening. Even @Cheese must be starting to consider it 😀 COYWM
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