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  1. miamiwhite

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    That was The Dome mate.
  2. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    I see the diverse loving Guardian doing a report on marriages between cousins being a significant factor in child deaths in Bradford.... Why don’t folk realise from their mistakes instead of marrying their inbred cousins ?
  3. miamiwhite

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    What was it called after Brunei’s ? Was it the Peru bar or was that the next bar up on Bank St,with the cage dancers etc ?
  4. miamiwhite

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    I’ll get Joe Root on you for that Micky That one where Talibs used to be, could it have been called Baileys ?
  5. miamiwhite

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    Brunei’s was on the bottom of Bank St.
  6. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Actually quite interesting seeing Hope Not Hate doing a piece on this. Still sad times and I honestly don’t see how the radicals will be stopped https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/terror-islamists-uk-anjem-choudary-al-muhajiroun-prison-release-a8781826.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  7. miamiwhite

    Bar on Bridge Street late 90's

    You’re right about the bar further up from X Records, it was on the corner of Bridge St/Bark Street East, pretty sure it was where Talibs was. Went in a few times, but can’t think for the life of me the name of the place.
  8. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Like I say,anytime .
  9. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Old man eh ? As I can’t send you a PM, just name the time and place with me. That is a serious offer, let’s see what you are like in person and see how keen you are to try and chuck insults in my face. Most folk on here including your mates have my number. I’ll be waiting for you to back up your imbibed mouth.
  10. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Oooh.....hey big boy....I’m up at half 5, no drinking for me but the rod is always here. Do you care to talk privately or just a big man on the keyboard ?
  11. miamiwhite

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Just get his IP address mate and we’ll surprise him one morning
  12. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Please don’t try and make yourself look comical or educated, you silly buffoon. Anyway, I thought you’d gone to bed ? You remind me of Wigan Athletic.
  13. miamiwhite

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Shall we chat about what a twat Sillary Clinton is........and for a BOGOFF Deal.....well chuck her sleazy husband Bill the Cigar in too shall we ? I note silence when RW mentioned the trade deal we’ll be doing with the States.
  14. miamiwhite

    Terror Attacks

    Exactly mate. He was probably wanking off over John “are you free” Inman and got his grand mistaken

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