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  1. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    And to the think the clowns on the left side call us on the correct side
  2. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    They’re as numb as piss stones mate........ And we have a winner with moon/mars mon
  3. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    And for the record, with the Al Quds Day march now in the process of being banned in our country, it’s safe to say, that the counter protest of ours wasn’t a futile mission. Job well done in a peaceful and orderly manner.
  4. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    I pretend do I ? Pretty sure I’ve uploaded links where I’m seen on the main one last year in London which was very peaceful indeed without a single arrest. The ones on them now have spoilt it for many people myself included. My last one was the Al Quds Day counter protest in June....we delayed the Hamas /Hezbollah supporting scum from marching for 2hours and 45minutes. Now, watch those links I’ve provided elsewhere where they call for annihilation of Israel just like they did in June in London.......and see who the real racists are fella .... You can apologise to me when you do, unless of course you’re happy seeing Hamas and Hezbollah flags being waved on the streets of our country ? milego dnia.
  5. miamiwhite

    Football Lads Alliance

    Best friend we’ll ever have.
  6. miamiwhite

    Football Lads Alliance

    Same here.
  7. miamiwhite

    Football Lads Alliance

    Course it has...read the title of the thread and what they stand for. Thank me later.
  8. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Too quick for you fella....you’ll be on the “correct” side in another 20 years or so
  9. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    They’re nothing to do with me. I have hair and teeth. Maybe, you should see a shrink fella ?
  10. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Normally I do, but not with those retarded wet wankers from your side
  11. miamiwhite

    Football Lads Alliance

    Just for balance...almost as many in the “Asian” cough fucking cough grooming gang sent down yesterday.
  12. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    I meant for those lot.
  13. miamiwhite

    Bolton v Forest

    Zach Clough, Deane Clough and Barraclough from Porridge for them. Robin Hood Friday for us, followed by Big John and Little John McGinlay who rounds Steve Sherwood of Forest and arrows one into the net. All the fans go to the Castle or home happy listening to the Archers on the window lickers bus.

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