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  1. miamiwhite

    Tv Shows

  2. miamiwhite

    Tv Shows

    It’s very good C. Watch out for the White guy who wants to be a black gangster....reminds me of Frank Spencer Also the mixed race Manc....I’m sure he’d smoked half an ounce before appearing.
  3. miamiwhite

    Accountant required

    I use Nicholas Leeson. A Watford fan unfortunately but won’t sting you.
  4. miamiwhite

    Tv Shows

    I’d highly recommend Gun No 6 on BBC iplayer About a gun used many times in shootings in Birmingham... Some great but grim footage in it. Fair fucks to the postmasters son who sadly lost his life after taking on the armed robbers with just a cricket bat.
  5. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Only if Diane Abbott counted them.
  6. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Obviously not mate....interesting link on that article re could the immigration issue knacker the EU.....it’s an article from June and Drunker Juncker even admits the liberal dream is in the shit...
  7. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46585237 Not looking good in Brussels is it ?
  8. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Looks like we could have a happy medium here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/labour-remainers-to-abandon-corbyn-if-he-passes-brexit-deal-6zfjgnm5w
  9. miamiwhite

    Tommy Robinson

    I’ve blocked Cheese, but it looks like the baghead perverted freak is getting angry and flustered....good work “Chris”.
  10. miamiwhite

    What Year Was It ?

    The year of the miners strike.............sorry, I thought you said hairy louts...
  11. miamiwhite

    Tommy Robinson

    Videos showed traffic was blocked....did I actually say numbers ?....hmmmm, no I didn’t. Get your FACTS RIGHT FOR ONCE .... Lets see what happens tomorrow....today was a dummy run....like you are when jogging,.,BOOM indeed.
  12. miamiwhite

    In Or Out Again

    Haha....I think we’ll all survive that bout of Project Fear eh pal ?
  13. miamiwhite

    Tommy Robinson

    Well...you try to converse with RW and myself on here
  14. miamiwhite

    Tommy Robinson

    All you need is Stan Collymore and that cunt Lineker and you’ve got the full Panini album mate.
  15. miamiwhite

    Tommy Robinson

    Oooh...that’s a bit puffterish isn’t it ?

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