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  1. You know I’m only winding you up mate. Don’t tell your mate Ms Blears you’re a closet TBP fan though
  2. What do think of the obvious Muslim plant on there last night ? Mr Abdullah Patel.......the deputy headteacher who has been rounded on today and rightly so for his racist antisemitic posts on social media ? One side are so quiet on this aren’t they as always ?
  3. Peter dear boy, stop getting erratic. I was merely quoting a fact and not insinuating anything whatsoever. It seem you lefties have hit the bottle a lot recently when the reality of leaving the sinking EU ship has finally set in. Chin chin
  4. Unsurprisingly Peter, Mr Stewart in his teens was a member of the Labour MP. Apologies as always for my facts.
  5. Same here mate. Though now his inherited EU gravy train is running out of steam, he probably knows it’s for the best to side with his constituents. He is one shallow bastard.
  6. This should be fun https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48694223
  7. He’s as much a trained negotiator, as Corbyn was in “peace talks” with those IRA scum.
  8. Snippet of Raab in action against a truly privileged EU lovechild
  9. Neither are your facts about the EU and him
  10. His critics will come out with anything mate. Just like the MSM are starting their campaign against him. It made me laugh when Channel 4 interviewed the gay couple who were supposedly beaten up on a London bus last week. They instantly brought Johnson into the equation and made it an issue of racism. How obvious and pathetic by the media these days. Re that couple.....all buses have CCTV now don’t they ? Where’s the footage of the attack ? I wonder if the assailants aren’t of the skin colour they expected ?
  11. Juncker, Merkel and bwfcfan5 told him
  12. Did you question the intelligence of the MEP who came out with the crass comment in the first place ?
  13. Interesting comments https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48653990
  14. I’ve heard you secretly love a good BJ
  15. I think the same too re the bargaining chip mate. Here’s a good article from a German economics Professor https://briefingsforbrexit.com/the-eu-is-a-doomed-empire/
  16. Wasn’t there a debate on this recently on here ? Not legally binding I see.... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1140103/Brexit-news-UK-EU-Brexit-bill-budget-Boris-Johnson-next-prime-minister-update
  17. That is eerily mad mate. I told the other half I fancied a Manchester Tart for pudding. Ten minutes later, a slapper from Gorton appeared on my doorstep
  18. Stop it Pete....I’ve just pissed my pants
  19. I think he ended up at Greenock Morton mate.
  20. Mark Gavin....quality player when he wanted to be. Made more since retiring thanks to his massage parlour business in Amsterdam. All info on the bottom of this link and seems he met Traf too. http://www.sheridan-dictates.com/he-wore-the-white-shirt-mark-gavin.php
  21. I just presumed with all the crap you’re spouting Pete, that you must be on drugs too
  22. You’re not running for the Prime Minister’s job are you mate ?
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