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  1. It was lovely thanks Mick....they said they missed your usual appearance
  2. Would someone please remind me what was printed on the back of the leaflet posted to every household in 2016 in the run up to the Brexit vote at a cost ..oops,I meant waste of £9million to us mere tax payers ? Would someone also please tell me what this utter fucking simpleton was doing on Saturday ? The youth of tomorrow eh ? .....you know, the ones whose futures we’re messing up...... Hang on............there’s somebody at the door.......there’s somebody at the door....
  3. He’s certainly led a colourful life,the cretinous bully.
  4. How’s your house going on pal, everything ok ?
  5. Check your email and stop being a left wing puff,you diddy pie gobbling,lobby munching pansy
  6. Micky is ok pal...don’t be calling him on here. Just because he’s a closet racist, don’t be dragging him through the mud....cue a backlash off St Michael now
  7. You weren’t in the Leigh Miners Social/Shagging Club with Shagger Leigh White were you A ? I bumped into Mick yesterday at Wigan and shared a pint with him en route to our various destinations. I know he won’t answer until midnight as he’s in Bradford watching that freaky game with a queer shaped ball...he’ll be starting a thread on curry houses at midnight...I’ll preempt it with Jeremy Kormainthebyn. He’s my favourite left leaning Wigan Corbynite
  8. Here’s a simple question....if he’s such an expert, why isn’t he standing in parliament with the rest of the know it alls ? He’d be torn apart in two minutes flat. He’s arrogant and full of his own self inflated importance like the rest of them all.
  9. Spot on mate....it wasn’t bwfcfan5 was it
  10. You need to sharpen up your pool cue Michael, here’s one for you.....not from almost half a decade ago https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-47680836
  11. Not at all re making it a competition, I disucced my side of things the other night on here with Winchester White, thanks for your concern all the same.
  12. Yes......it just shows more folk are moaning losers who didn’t get their way, than are actually bothered with extremist hate preachers (left or right) etc........but there is a tenuous link You’d better stock up with candles and poems for when we leave
  13. Weren’t the leave voters all meant to be old bastards who stunk of piss ? The state of those hypocritical coffin dodgers on that coach
  14. Well said Paul. I tend to equate aggressive liberalism with tantrum throwing mard arses.......
  15. What is the march going to achieve ? absolutely jackshit.... Haven’t they got better things to do on a Saturday ? Ooooh....how I’ve longed to say that to some on here
  16. Dear me Pete, shall I respond with facts too ? I’d be here until we leave with the whoppers from your beloved lot. Seeing your arse has gone, I’ll leave this local item with you https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/17518915.bolton-based-toilet-roll-supplier-wepa-stocks-up-in-case-of-no-deal-brexit/
  17. Sorry Pete.....COULD...CONSENSUS...........Not facts are they mate ? Just like the economists who said billions of job losses and a deep recession in 2016 when we left........utter bullshit pal. You know me and I only deal in facts.
  18. That’s one thing all leavers and remainers can agree on mate
  19. Without doubt mate.....they don’t like it up em do they ? No noubt NiC will reply in his own inimitable patronising way after 27 glasses of EU sparkling water.....
  20. Just catching up from my question last night re what will the remainers do when we leave. Fair play to the tiny minority who replied.... Still waiting for the incessant posters to reply......come on you,soft twats... we’re all mates....show your colours..
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