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  1. She's sending you a coded message at 1 min 17 seconds in part 2 😉
  2. Shouldn't that be Boris Shags Wives 😀 👆
  3. And on the flip side of the coin, we had this yesterday
  4. Lost our shit ? You have a high opinion of yourself lad. Look back, my posts were already out before you mentioned Johnson, you just don't see behind your hatred.
  5. Hardly the first time you said it son. Anyway, enjoy this
  6. Amazing how highly the left think of themselves https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/20/labour-mp-fiona-onasanya-likens-her-conviction-to-that-of-biblical-figures
  7. Mick sneers at actual facts yets love pub gossip when it purely involves No.10 Definitely a bitter man.
  8. Amazing that when you slag off any journalist reports that are put on here.
  9. Exactly mate, though the left on here can't talk about it when it involves their own party.
  10. Well then, stay tuned, plenty to come 😃, or is this ⚽️ being taken home again ? I apologise if you can't hack it not being in your personal Boris hating echo chamber, maybe you should start a new thread, as this one covers ALL POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/keir-starmer-labour-leadership-cps-ian-tomlinson-john-worboys-a9276321.html
  11. Aye, saw you on that. I'm on it too. Have you got a brother on there as well ? A lad in the blue Adidas tracky with stripes, always thought you two were related
  12. Haha, I've broken you. Grow a pair you left wing wanker 💋 😗 💏
  13. Not sure mate, I just purely stated facts and it broke him. I'll get a bottle of wine and leave the poor little lamb alone now.
  14. Exactly pal. First dirt dug up on the left, and the dummy is out.
  15. He's took his ball home mate 😄
  16. Not playing when it doesn't involve Boris.....off you pop you mard twat 😄 🤣
  17. Just for balance fella, call me your Guardian Angel 😇 https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/29/labour-mp-apsana-begum-charged-with-housing
  18. You said that last night re twitter and I walloped you with bidstats. Pray tell me Mr Brown, are those facts from the Mail not facts ? If they are,lies...which we both know they're not, why hasn't Champagne Len sued them for libel ? 🤔 All the other facts are available on police websites, court listings etc and many other papers such as the Guardian much to your dismay.
  19. So, you don't allow others to have an opinion especially when it involves the equally corrupt scum you vote for ? You're poor Mick ,so much for free speech old bean 😉 No longer getting involved ? Looks like it was too much for you getting drubbed every time. No wonder you folded like Labour Job done, another mug beaten. I shall enjoy the wine and sunshine now 🌞 🍷
  20. Did Mick the Frown forget this too ? Not to mention 32 Labour councillors and MPs currently under investigation for fraud ? Shall we mention Liverpool, housing fraud, Abbott's son, the woman MP jailed, voter fraud and many more 😳 The Liebour list is endless too https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9199829/amp/Unite-union-paid-firm-owned-leader-Len-McLuskeys-friend-95-million-7m-hotel-project.html?__twitter_impression=true
  21. Good, as I saved this especially for you 😃 🌹
  22. Casino is on there, same time, he's in the biege coat, shirt and tie.
  23. Yes, didn't want to say it immediately as per my original post. There's a few familiar faces on that video too.
  24. As promised, final away game before Bristol City at Wembley.
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