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  1. It didn't seem like it had when Kevin Davies scored a last minute winner at there place. To say they were angry would be an understatement... Funny as fuck.
  2. I thought Ward came on very late in the game?
  3. There's loads from the last two seasons who I couldn't name now.
  4. Think he got one..diving header against someone
  5. Grab 'em by the pussy That's 100% correct too
  6. I didn't see that. I did see your 'topboy' get a proper slap though. On more than one occasion too tbh.
  7. I remember her. Used to sell programmes at Burnden. Not seen her in years. RIP Derek
  8. I think stopping the game because someone has been hit in the face by the ball is a bag o'shite rule tbh.
  9. Excellent stuff today. Good performances all over the pitch from our lot. Tranmere were shit. Shit fans too.
  10. Apparently so according to the radio.
  11. Elton Welsbys a homosexual
  12. Lowes work rate and effort is top quality. His footballing ability not so good.
  13. Surprised by that. Like I said above I regularly get change without having to pay.
  14. Can't remember his name but we had a winger on loan from them a few seasons ago...scored on his debut. But he was shit too.
  15. I've never had to pay for change for any business. The bank usually give me small amounts without any problem. If I need hundreds I just need to give them 24 hours notice. Still no charge though.
  16. Why would a pub have to pay for change?
  17. Lowe works hard and gives his all. Shame his passing is crap most of the time..although I do remember one nice pass out to the wing today.
  18. The softest hard man I've ever seen. Shit footballer too.
  19. DomRepWanderer? Good work Martin.
  20. Against Spurs? Was well over 30 yards. Over 40 iirc
  21. Thought Darcy did pretty well imo
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