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  1. What's he said now? I've had him on ignore for months
  2. So next week could see Brexit and Bwexit
  3. That'll be the pre-Tuesday night match standard presser
  4. a one-off miss is perfectly acceptable you soft arsed cunt
  5. Has he read Nixon's tweet or the other way round?
  6. That's all the pigs(so to speak) in the country now
  7. Sorry but there shouldn't be a need to call to arms. It has to be said... The cunts who use any excuse they can find to not go can fuck right off - they are the main cause of the problem. If 18-20K were turning up regularly and supporting the club with turnstile cash then the poor fuckers that haven't been paid on time may well have been. Cunts to a man.
  8. Somebody get the giraffe out
  9. Somehow he managed to get 6 million paid up front for Madine. If he had got 4 and was walking away with nowt nobody would be batting an eyelid
  10. I reckon QPR & Wigan could still get pulled into it. the hard bit is we need a couple of unexpected wins sharpish, a bit like the Brum result
  11. Noticed he shook hands with their manager before the final whistle and fucked off down the tunnel as soon as it went
  12. That's the one - cheers. Mind had a complete blank
  13. C'mon memory men. There was a bar/club on Bridge street, roughly where the Chinese buffet is. Part of a chain. Can't for the life of me remember it's name. Over to you
  14. Loads of Romanian pickpockets and economic migrants
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