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  1. Theiving bastards - story in the BN about 2 fairly new caravans going missing from some lock up in Leyth/ Athy. 1 of them had a tracker fitted so the owners knew it was on the site in the Dip at LL. Regular police wouldn't enter the site, said it needed specialists (who probably have to negotiate so as to not hurt their feelings.) Meanwhile the caravan is getting trashed whilst the theiving cunts try to find and remove the tracker
  2. I'm sure Smiffs would love them at the LSV
  3. Speaking of Nips - I present Toyah - yes that one - she has matured well:
  4. Once got chatting with him in there in Robson's piano bar with Reidy and my mate and his girlfriend. 2 minutes in and he's making a move on my mate's girl. My mate didn't know what to do, his hero chatting his bird up: Suggest a threesome, let him have a go or tell him to back off. Bird was enjoying the attention. Reidy stepped in with She's young enough to be your daughter, she told him to mind his own business she could look after herself!
  5. Tax free crystallisation doesn't affect input though? It's only when you start to drawdown after that, and that then limits you to 4K per year in
  6. Gonk


    Apple Wanker
  7. Colin Bell Dead 74.
  8. As you say, All the piss riddled pensioners will have been jabbed up by March, so will be returning in their droves
  9. It doesn't start until midnight tonight
  10. It doesn't start until midnight tonight
  11. It doesn't start until midnight tonight.
  12. Scofe - He makes my teeth itch and he's on way too much
  13. Booked Tenerife hotel for November 10 nights last night direct fully amendable / cancel up to 5 days before without penalty. Sort the flights out at some point with the refund vouchers from this year when November seats have a sale. Everything else is on hold until the picture is clearer
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