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  1. Wilson's bitter in the Crown little lever. Anywhere else it was never the same. Holsten export at the Mitre in Manchester
  2. Gonk

    Keith Hill

    You dont need to, he's an irrelevance.
  3. Thusday evening . friday afternoon and friday evening you can get 4 hour all inclusive brunches at decent hotels for about 250 dirhams, 50 quid, including food and as much ale / wine / shorts as you can binge on
  4. The thruster will probably send another in next week thanking MJ for listening to his concerns and acting on them
  5. Where's he staying, the Burj?
  6. Get a list of places to go from thewanderer1958, then avoid them as you have female company 😀
  7. Gonk

    Jack Dearden

    All the best Jack
  8. It's just like having our usual shit start, only we have a reason for it this time. Nobody is tarnished by shit form The kids have done the best we could ask for. If it gets to the back end of the season and we finish staying up by a single point, we could look at the Coventry result with the as the point that did it. I'd also really, really like to hand Trashmere a record beating at our place.
  9. Then they need to address the pricing, and the /or the service. Or put events on themselves - Get Nick to get Pink Floyd together next summer to sell the Stadium over a few nights. In fact we don't need his money just access to his contacts.
  10. Well for a start, more events in the premier suite, which stands empty a lot of the time.
  11. They are the witnesses to the signatory on the document you plum.
  12. The daughters boyfriend is a Wolves fan. It pains me every day, but apart from that he's OK and treats her well, and she can be a high maintenance drama queen, so I manage to keep on an even keel. That and they live down south
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