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  1. Gonk


    It's all going a bit daft
  2. Cheers for the offer, I'll PM you if what I think is about to happen, happens
  3. Nope, it was Whalley Range / Moss Side
  4. After New years day's defensive debacle, i fail to see how he could be worse
  5. Back in the mid to late 80's, a housing association (iirc Anchor housing) named a sheltered scheme after him. We were suppliers to the Job, and at the behest of the architect and client had a big sign made for the entrance. The architect, client, ourselves and the sign manufacturer had it installed and his Mum was guest of honour at the opening as he was busy elsewhere in the world. She burst into fits of giggles when the sign was unveiled to read 'Sir Clive Lloyd Court'. Not one of us had queried it. I guess we were just about 30-35 years too early
  6. An actual F/A-18 fighter pilots view:
  7. Glazer & Woodward been to Gloucester?
  8. Tory voters don't fuck about on social media as much? It's not trendy? Fear of abuse?
  9. It seems that they know where their strengths lie, but just as importantly, where their weaknesses are too, and are filling those with people who have the knowledge, experience and passion for the job.
  10. There was something on daytime tv a couple of weeks back - a bloke, let's call him 'arachnid', claimed for a lost phone - fell into a river or a lake from a boat. The Insurance company paid out , but also some database they have flagged the IMEI as lost, as once they have paid out they then 'own ' it - miraculously it resurfaced, and they tracked it down to the same owner from i assume the SIM, and he was prosecuted for fraud. It's a tangled web we weave.....
  11. Expect an announcement imminently
  12. I really don't get following a band - I hear a song/tune/record/single, and it becomes,sometimes after a few listens, either one you like or one you don't, and I'm not precious who sings it.
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