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  1. Gonk


    Let's hope it's Bassini
  2. Gonk

    Taken over?

    Just so you can't delete it
  3. It's not about Bolton Council going Conservative, or about Bolton being Labour, it's about Bolton Council NOT being Toxic Bolton Labour.
  4. Gonk

    Taken over?

    The judge hasn't appointed the Administrators - he must be assuming he has
  5. Gonk

    Taken over?

    It doesn't appear so just yet - it is a notice of intention to appoint
  6. The one saving grace is we've not had to listen to Clive Fuckin Tyldsley commentating
  7. Gonk

    Taken over?

    The mitigation is it was right at the end of the season with hardly any time to reshedule, the SAG not giving the licence being the cause, and the culpability of the EFL over the past few weeks. Get Hilary on it, it'll be reet.
  8. Youri, Anelka, Campo, Jay Jay, Stelios, Speed, Hierro
  9. Gonk

    Taken over?

    Anybody else here never seen GOT?
  10. The courts may decide otherwise
  11. Good Friday - every fucker up the pike then on the piss all day, would imagine everywhere was a bit mad on Friday night
  12. Our very own stable Genius like the Donald
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