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  1. Wife has started watching / doing Davina fucking McCall fitness vids on YouTube every morning. I can't fucking stand her. Davina is ok though. I'm here all week, literally.
  2. There's a bloke next to the three of us, all been in the same seats for years. He mentioned that he goes out running occasionally so he's been known as the running man for at least a decade.
  3. I take it you shouted at them to spread the fuck out?
  4. Gonk

    Burton (A)

    highlights available yet?
  5. Kinell, just filled up on Saturday too
  6. Get to fuck, I can get my hands dirty. I'll do it for nothing, I'm bored
  7. I'm available to back fill if required
  8. I've got a mate on facebook out in Macau, and I've had a sniffle since earlier in the week when I liked one of his posts. It's not a computer a virus as well is it?
  9. Question @Traf. Are yours ABTA / ATOL bonded? Your natsammia facebook posts don't make it clear, and if they are I'd stick it in your header info
  10. I'm currently in the same boat as Ani after 39 years and 48 days of gainful employment. Enjoying the downtime but still looking forward to the 70 quid a week for a few months after the 250k or so I've paid in Tax & NI
  11. Gonk


    Is it Nobster who goes for about 4 months? That's dedication
  12. Gonk

    Iptv With Mag Box

    Web safe might well be turned on on your hub - you can turn it off https://www.virginmedia.com/help/how-to-use-websafe
  13. If she's Horwich, Private Hire have always been reliable, we use them all the time. If she can manage using a mobile phone for phones and texts, but not an app, You can phone them then you get a text to confirm the booking, one to say the driver is a few minutes away, and one when the driver has arrived. They've just moved to Winter Hey lane where Rivington Ski was, and recently changed the name to Vincent Private hire (Owner's surname), the number is the same though - 690096
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