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  1. They are 8 points clear of the bottom 3 without the deduction with 6 games to play, and they are the form team at the moment. That's disappointing
  2. Gonk


    Too busy doing a 'Cummings' Shagging
  3. Tyrell P34 - shows how flimsy the regs were back then when it didn't specify the number of wheels.
  4. RMI big club are opening the lounge for members only by appointment I think so they can trial it. Already have everybodys contact details then. If space is going to be limited the one thing the RMI club has is space, so they should be looking at this as an opportunity. Doubt they will mind you! Are you not thinking of opening the cricket club up until cricket returns? You've got a cracking beer garden ....
  5. Check your hosts file for a static ip address Edit - just seen you fixed it - at least I was right
  6. Gonk


    search for Dan Brown (of Mitchell & Brown, not the author) on facebook - he has a post about a month ago, Samsung 7 series, prices were good.
  7. That'd be good as a polo shirt
  8. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18472990.bolton-wanderers-unconcerned-tabloid-financial-claims/ "Meanwhile, Wanderers have clarified the relevance of a charge against Bolton Sporting Ventures Ltd which has been highlighted on social media in the last 24 hours. The Fildraw Trust has security on a patch of land to the South West corner of Mansell Way, which was documented at Companies House in March. The club has explained, however, that the charge was agreed last August as part of the deal to take Wanderers out of administration and is not a new arrangement with the family of late owner, Eddie Davies. Fildraw have two charges against club land as part of the deal with Football Ventures. The repayment term is not known but Wanderers have played down reports that they are struggling to make repayments during the pandemic lockdown."
  9. Not the same person. This is Mrs Wicks:
  10. Gonk


    That's fine - the guidance is unchanged. If you can work from home, you should.
  11. Gonk


    Just answer the fucking question
  12. Could really do with a link for this..
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