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  1. to give him his correct title
  2. I only watched a few on and off - Karl Pilkington was an active participant in the format, happily played up to the role, and got paid handsomely for it - so whilst they 'act like Bullies within the format' I'd say no.
  3. Delfuonso had a cracking block on the edge of his own 18 yard box, just got his body in there in a 'not a fucking chance you're getting past me sunshine' kind of way great to see from an attacking player
  4. Anybody old school still got Dawny's details?
  5. I don't think he uses either now due to 'issues'.
  6. 2-0 Doyle (Pen) in first 15 & Maddison in injury time. Here Fishy Fishy
  7. depends which one(s).. UCL team’s claim that herd immunity set to be achieved in UK disputed Many scientists critical of University College London Covid-19 forecast as ‘over-confident and over-optimistic’
  8. Mid afternoon half 2 or 3 i think, wife booked it, I'm just doing as I'm told Edit: Half 3
  9. Ooh fuckin ell, I'm there then too
  10. Only weekly? You lucky bastard
  11. Edit: the incorrect quote as fact from youri mcanespie, otherwise known as the wrong un should have been here regarding GM being in Kraftwerk No, let's not. you are as wrong as wrong can be
  12. That's fuckin ace. Returning home after an afternoon solid drinking 'Sorry luv, I'd have been breaking the law if I hadn't had a skinfull'
  13. Georgia Moroder was never remotely anywhere near being in Kraftwerk. They were contemporaries, he was never a band member. He was an Italian producer and early pioneer of dance electronica such as I feel love, and supernature by Cerrone.
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