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  1. Gonk

    In Or Out Again

    Tough Shit.
  2. Gonk

    Todays Games

    A photo on the BBC Website - Blue & Yellow Striped hot
  3. Gonk

    In Or Out Again

    202 / 432
  4. Gonk

    In Or Out Again

    Here we go....
  5. Gonk

    Sweaty Ken

    Bristol Bears Egg chasing at home Saturday, January 26th 2019 3PM Exeter Chiefs H Premiership Rugby Cup
  6. Gonk

    Sweaty Ken

    Or butter
  7. Gonk

    Baronesses coments

    Are either of them ST holders like Frank White?
  8. Gonk

    Sweaty Ken

    Well that's alright then
  9. Gonk

    Transfer Gossip

    clickbait wankers
  10. Gonk

    Transfer Gossip

    iirc It was an 11th hour loan window (after the transfer deadline) deal with the agreement in place to be made permanent in this window
  11. Gonk

    bed doddy on london train

    Aye, she could have weighed in windmilling with her ticket machine.
  12. Gonk

    Iptv With Mag Box

    OK looking for 2 connections to a firestick via an app and an android based tablet. Any current recommendations?
  13. Gonk

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    He's not banned from the Reebok / Macron / Unibol - he'd just have to pay like the rest of us, and won't have access to the players like the rest of us
  14. Gonk

    Our next manager

    See it here
  15. Gonk

    Our next manager

    I was in the Holiday Inn Acton on Saturday morning perusing the 'i' newspaper over breakfast and nearly choked on my cornflakes when I saw this quote

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