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  1. I bet you know how many in a goat too 😀
  2. IMO Bairstow threw the review away that would have saved him. Get VAR in
  3. Gonk

    Bury Home game

    I'm in Aruba so can now watch it at 7AM
  4. Gonk

    Taken over

    There is no relevance. Its twitter
  5. All yoou need to do is stake out Curleys and Fannys. He appears at both regularly
  6. Are they classed as a football creditor? might be playing in skins
  7. I heart Cabernet Sauvignon is going down well at the moment for a weekday relaxer - £5 a bottle, 6 or more save 25% at Tesco.
  8. Gonk

    Tv Shows

    Right Meldrew - whilst away with friends the fdicks have conspired to book the Celebrity Constellation next year for a 9 night Med cruise. Board at Barcelona - Monaco - somewhere north Italy, somewhere miles from Rome, Naplesish, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Get off at Venice Apparently it was a good deal booked through a US Company, $1250 each inside cabin, with basic alcoholic drinks package, all gratuities (15%) paid and $350 per cabin on board spend. All I know is I'm 2 grand down as it stands without flights and know fuck all about the ins and outs. Go on, sell it to me - am I going to have a good time, or do I have to traipse around all these ports we stop at with another 3000 people.
  9. Gonk

    Taken over

    Amazon already have a huge logistics place at J4
  10. I twalked past during the day a couple of weeks ago and I think the opening times said that it shuts at 10
  11. I had you down for talking loudly and slowly in English, with perhaps Comprende chucked in at the end
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