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  1. The beating heart of the nation.
  2. A lot will say that, yes. I suspect more would say “content with” rather than “happy with”. Lesser of two evils. They are too entrenched to think any other way. I can actually understand their view, even though I don’t agree.
  3. Jol_BWFC

    Taken over?

    I haven’t seen the NDA, but generally speaking NDAs in this context are to protect the sale process, rather than a gagging order for the future (think Phillip Green for that sort of NDA). That isn’t to say the sale contract won’t include confidentiality clauses. It’s not the Administrators’ reputation on the line if Ken has done something dodgy, so they probably wouldn’t insist on for their purposes. However, if they need Ken to sign off on the terms of the sale (as secured creditor), he may try to insist on it. I’m sure there are people who will know the true scale of things who haven’t signed NDAs.
  4. Jol_BWFC

    Taken over?

    Are you referring to the non-disclosure agreement mentioned in the administrators’ press release? If so, that’s an NDA which means anyone doing due diligence can’t (during the bidding / sale process) disclose details about the information that they have been looking at.
  5. Do you think of Maggie when you're fucking your scooter's exhaust pipe?
  6. Alongside retail, casual dining is one of the most troubled sectors on the high street. There will be more to come via admin or CVAs.
  7. I see that British Steel is on the verge of administration, with 4,500 jobs at risk with another 20,000 jobs in the supply chain affected. Citing a slump in orders due to Brexit uncertainty and the weak pound.
  8. One more thing that isn't correct. I hope other brexiteers won't wait 5 weeks to vote, the elections will have passed.
  9. Give over, he’s predicted this from the start.
  10. I think you’re right in your expectations and I can see the regions suffering after we leave the EU. It’s interesting to see a fair amount of dislike of London on this board, but its London and the SE that generates almost 40% of the UK’s GDP (c25% in London alone). Without it we’d be fucked.
  11. What a very odd response. Of course London is in the UK. Still not answering the question I asked though.
  12. That’s a cop out, even for you. I’ll rephrase if it helps. If you held the purse strings, would you redistribute the wealth that London generates to the poorer regions, or would you rather each region gets to spend what that region generates?
  13. What is a “fair” distribution? The wealth generated in London being redistributed to prop up the regions? Or wealth being spent where it is generated (and London therefore keeping a huge amount to spend on itself)?
  14. That can’t, be true - it wasn’t written on the side of a bus.
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