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  1. BBC news just said 2.9m. About 300,000 more today.
  2. Really? Next you’ll be telling me L/H isn’t actually a Liverpool fan and it’s all been a wind up for the last few years... [Yes, I knew Esco wasn’t being serious]
  3. Anyone seen “Don’t Fuck with Cats” on Netflix? Not that it’s about the cat lovers, but they are an odd bunch.
  4. Garth Crooks on final score is/was horrific. I haven’t watched it for so long, I’ve no idea if he still does it. For a while I was without Sky Sports and it was painful listening to him, Jason Mohammed, Chris Sutton and Jermaine Jenas.
  5. It would be amusing if the banks were to stop lending him money.
  6. Curfews and wearing masks in public spaces. You sound like my “ITK” source.
  7. Aye, it’s bad. 1,250 per 100,000 where I am.
  8. Another 3% rise so far today. Don’t get it. But good news.
  9. In, out, in again. It’s like the hokey croakey.
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