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  1. Aye, but these guys have to do 8 consecutive days of riding. Ironman competitors will be (deservedly) be having a rest after their swim, and run are done.
  2. “Jejune bravado”. Where is NIC with Miami bingo?
  3. Or it was just a bad day at the office.
  4. Haha, he’s not right in the head.
  5. You can get oranjeboom on draught at a pub near my work.
  6. Was out when I heard about things unfolding and rushed home to watch the news. Saw the second one hit and then everything that followed. I didn’t move from in front of the TV for hours.
  7. When’s the last time you sat in your allocated seat at an away game?
  8. Interesting documentary on BBC2 this evening. Runs through some of the conspiracy stories around Soros and points out how it’s bullshit. It’s amusing how the far right have latched onto him and will try and pin anything on him, no matter how far-fetched. Literally just making things up.
  9. Assuming the election happens after the extension has been triggered, then Boris will have the potential to maintain that he can still get a deal done before 31 January (or whenever) - albeit he needs to work harder to make it look like he’s actually trying. It may placate some Brexiteers who don’t want a no deal. As per my last post, I’m assuming there will be an extension beyond 31 Oct. I can’t see how there wouldn’t. But with Raab and Javid being so clear today, they must have something up their sleeves. Intriguing. Perhaps they will argue about interpretation of the law and drag it through the courts after 19 October, appeal any decisions against them and hope it goes beyond 31 October? Would Bojo risk criminal proceedings against him? The Lib Dems and Labour will work together I’m sure, but I’m not sure it will be enough. Lots of twists and turns to come.
  10. He does, as it’s his (current) brand. I think the existing position is a win-win for him. If he can achieve Brexit without a GE (that’s looking very unlikely, but you never know), then he is the man who delivered Brexit and gains support. If not, he gets a GE decided on Brexit. He became the conservative leader (by a huge margin from MPs and members) for backing Brexit so firmly and he was the prominent Brexiteer MP during the referendum campaign. His strongest chance of winning a GE is going to be when it’s based on his Brexiteer credentials. Win it now and get himself a full term. I have to say, I am intrigued by how he will manage the 31 October extension. He, Raab and Javid have all insisted he won’t request it. I don’t see how he can’t. Cummins is going to have to work hard to spin not leaving on 31 October.
  11. I think Cummins’ plan is actually coming together. He isn’t there to help the Conservative party (nor is Bojo); he is there to help Boris win the election. I suspect his game plan is make Boris look like the voice of democracy, standing up against the establishment. That includes standing up against “treacherous Tories”. Think Trump and “drain the swamp”. Given that the election is about Brexit more than party politics, he just needs to stick to claiming he will deliver Brexit (whether he can or not). The more that PMs try and stop it, the stronger his personal USP becomes. Labour joining Lib Dems to back remain has helped him further - splitting the strong remain vote. He will be loving Corbyn’s current stance. That’s why I said above, I don’t think the conservatives collapsing is necessarily an issue for him. He is making this election Brexit Boris v the undemocratic rest. His challenge (Scotland aside) will be managing seats with the Brexit Party in order to deliver a Tory majority.
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