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  1. He does get it - he gets that a load of his voting base will believe what he tweets.
  2. Jol_BWFC


    I thought they did have a say over whether a caution is issued?
  3. Jol_BWFC


    A caution just shows how inept the police are. They should be defunded.
  4. Why read the article when you can read just the headline. Plus, Trump wasn’t referring to consuming bleach, he was referring to the lung lavage procedure (copyright, Leadfrog1, June 2020)
  5. I have these (an earlier model). Never had any other wireless headphones to compare them to, but seriously impressive. No good for making phone calls through them though.
  6. You are correct. That’s a shame.
  7. When asked for comment, Nige responded “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown...”
  8. 6 isn’t it? They’d be on 38. Borough in the first “safe” position, on 44.
  9. Hull winning today effectively puts Wigan 6 points from safety with 6 to go.
  10. If the majority of the players aren’t capable (with coaching) of performing well in league two, there is something wrong with our recruitment / academy retention systems. Embargo or no embargo.
  11. Jol_BWFC


    Another thread, another lemon party.
  12. I’d rather they were screwed this season and next.
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