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  1. You see, from the outset Mounts predicted that a deal would be done. Then he backed the TM deal (with a few tweaks) as it delivered Brexit. Now he thinks the TM deal is terrible and isn’t really Brexit. He also predicts that TM’s deal won’t be the last deal on the table. But he also thinks we might not get a deal (and therefore leave without a deal - so that at some point we can do a different deal). Simples.
  2. Indeed, my mistake. That's where the blame lies though, not with the civil service or Labour.
  3. Why should you be worried? The bumper EU trade deals with Japan and USA will benefit all of those living on the Costa Blanca. Nice to see you're still blaming the Civil Service and Labour rather than the PM and the various incompetent Brexit Ministers who negotiated a shite deal that not even Brexiteer MPs like JRM and Boris will vote for.
  4. Jol_BWFC

    Wigan away

    Says a lot about the state of things on the pitch when wannabee Green Street handbags takes up more post-match chat than the football itself.
  5. I couldn’t give a shiny shit, if I’m honest.
  6. I imagine you're a solicitor, given your posts (I could be wrong). I appreciate CHAPS is limited to weekdays and if Moonshift require receipt of funds to release, then Sunday is clearly a no-go (as I'm sure the buyer would not have sent sums today on a hold-to-order basis if a deal is not yet agreed). It just seems odd that someone is touting Sunday if they know full well that Moonshift won't accept an undertaking on the Sunday to pay them the next day.
  7. Unless the buyer's solicitors are currently in funds and they rely on solicitors' undertakings to send funds Monday am. Not ideal, but it happens.
  8. Re the £5m owed to Moonshift, I would be amazed if they don’t also have a personal guarantee from Ken. Unfortunately Companies House won’t provide that info. If they do, they should be able to take the shares, sell the club, and if they haven’t recovered the £5m in full from the sale, they could go after him personally. I hope they got a satisfactory Monaco legal opinion (or was it Luxembourg...?)
  9. More likely administration, if there is a credible buyer.
  10. Pre-pack, sorted. Only works if the Davies family are on board (and have qualifying floating charge) because Ken won't be, that's for sure. Edit: I doubt the Davies family could have a qualifying floating charge. I wonder if other creditors do, who could force the issue.
  11. Chap with his arm in the air was having a go at Parky, telling him to push forward and attack when we were down to 9 men, FFS.
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