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  1. Just checking, who do you mean when you say “we”?
  2. You are a cock of the highest order.
  3. How bitter will the silence sound (not sound) when Big Ben doesn't bong?
  4. I imagine it’s number 2, but he claims it’s number 1 once he realises he’s wrong.
  5. Great momentum. Beautiful momentum. Momentum the like of which has never before been unleashed on the world. God bless America!
  6. Ha, brilliant work. Post of the day / week / month / decade.
  7. Jol_BWFC


    For the Texans it’s like being 2-0 up against Burton after 11 mins and going in 3-2 down at half time...
  8. I hope he doesn’t have young children and/or animals to take it out on.
  9. He’s very similar to Zouma then...
  10. I’m a Sainsbury’s shopper and they a decent value Malbec in the Santa Julia Reserva (not the standard one). Normally £10, although on offer at the moment at £8 a bottle.
  11. Exactly. No wonder most people tend not to read your links. You’re trying to pass off the article as a positive one for your cause, by ignoring the content. You’re as bad as the person on Twitter who posted it (or more likely you were naive enough to have seen the twitter post and were hoodwinked into believing the spin - and then re-posting it).
  12. Ah yes, the best way to summarise newspaper articles - quote the headline and ignore the substance. The headline is factually correct, but doesn’t reflect what else is in the article. And surprise surprise, you didn’t refer to the rest of it in your post. Would you have posted the link if the headline was any of the following (which are also taken from the body of the article)? ”City of London fears over very flimsy trade deal”. ”2019 tax receipts show only a slight increase, reflecting a challenging year for the financial sector”. ”Tax receipts in the City show notable slowdown in growth compared to 2017-2018”. ”Corporation tax from financial services firms falls 9.5%, falling below levels seen in 2008.” ”Worry for financial services firms as profitability falls amidst challenging conditions caused by global trade tensions, political uncertainty and low interest rates.” ”Tax figures show UK economy is overly hooked on the finance sector and needs to diversify.” ”City of London to face another challenging year as EU-facing business set to fall.”
  13. Did you read the article or just the headline?
  14. He’s a good friend of Tomski and someone I (and you, obv) see regularly following the whites. As you say, he’s between a great lad in M and also a fantastic chap in Boby B.
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