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  1. A spot has recently opened up for an Australian poster... Prediction 1-1.
  2. I was ready to get very annoyed at you
  3. I’ve put a few of my Skybet free bets on us over the last few weeks. They were offering 22/1 to be promoted and 25/1 to win the play offs.
  4. Probably Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.
  5. UK time or Dominican Republic time? Fantastic night.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/theawayfansvids/status/849368181072330754 Some moments live long in the memory. Not sure how to embed it.
  7. Jol_BWFC


    There are 18 games left, remember. Where were reading at this stage of the season...?* *and don’t say a higher division!
  8. Jol_BWFC


    Hughmungus hoping it stays as it is.
  9. Maybe Bayern from the “proper” leagues? Not sure if they have two domestic cups, mind.
  10. Are we appealing the red card, or no decision yet?
  11. Nice to see @DazBob sticking the knife in.
  12. I was was right for Orient, Morecambe and Stevenage, so I’ll stick with my other predictions. I’ll add draws with Oldham and Bradford to the list. Makes 3 draws and 3 wins from the next 6.
  13. For all the talk of attacking, free flowing football, for me the defence is key. We’re not scoring 3 or 4 games a game - but we’re consistently getting 1 or 2. The last 6 or 7 games we’ve been conceding fewer goals and it’s been paying off. Keep it up and a play-off charge is on.
  14. Someone off here has put £5 on it, as Sky bet have him favourite as next prem manager to leave - 2/1.
  15. 7 out of 9 games in league 2 already postponed.
  16. Bolton and Mansfield in the red - Captainmed and his step ladder must be riddled.
  17. Will the Morecambe manager/fans look at the players’ reaction and be embarrassed? Will they bugger. They will use it as justification for why they should do exactly the same next time. We can take the moral high ground, but we’ll end up worse off as a result (in terms of getting decisions from the ref).
  18. The EU made us go clockwise, but now we’re free to decide which way we want to go.
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