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  1. gutted to hear bout this R.I,P gary speed
  2. STAN

    Xbox 360 Consoles

    well the in games for me are: fifa 09 cod 4 last remnant fable 2 dont much care for call of duty waw, pro evo 09 is garbage (used to be a big pro evo player) be a legend mode is ok though if you into that, got alot longer career than be a pro in fifa.
  3. aye, played it a while back, its ok, dont think it will be as addictive as cod 4 or even gears of war 2, i like the fact that when you get so many kills you can get dogs to attack the enemy.
  4. i,m going to give him 20/100, only because of the signings he as made, i think they have been good signings, his tactics are negative, blah,blah,blah. p.s and as for megson keeping up last season, i still think it was because of the fans getting behind the team in the last few games and the players getting motivated by it.
  5. the gameplay on fifa is perfect, well for me it is, if i want slow it down i can , up the pace i can, you have to fiddle around with the custom tactics to get the right one that you want play with, as for pes i like it, but just not as much as fifa, graphics have improved, i just dont feel in control of the player as i do on fifa, the legend mode though is very ADDICTIVE.
  6. pisses all over pes 2009, only good thing about pes 09 is the be a legend mode.
  7. http://matchlive.bwfc.premiumtv.co.uk/mlex...tml?clubid=1004
  8. the thing about kev davies he is old skool, and that is what is missing from modern day football, and that is why i have gone off the game, 100 percenter, i do call him, but cannot deny his workrate,and his desire/comittment for the game.
  9. not seen any athletics or olympics since i was at school, use to love them, couldnt even name a athlete now,::, anyway since playing bejing and summer athletics on the 360, its gotten me in the mood for the olympics, so i,m looking forward to it.
  10. not slagging off the players we have signed, probably be awsome and worth every penny, but i would have gone in for aj and steed instead, but thats just my opinion, maybe we did, who knows. but i do think we will struggle for goals this season.
  11. to be honest think we need to replace davies with a striker who scores, think we need a creative midfielder, then i would say the team is almost good enough.
  12. 8) well after watching the media briefing for microsoft at the E3, and seeing games like gow 2,resident evil 5, and fable 2 its just got me so excited the full briefing can be found here. http://livewire.ign.com/2008/e3/index.html# and for ps3 lovers bout 32 minutes in and onwards just have a look, was some pretty amazing figures even i was surprised.
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