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  1. I think you'll find he's a cunt. Twat is far too mild!
  2. Or next sunday when we've beaten his beloved Arsenal..... hopefully!
  3. ex-Leeds


    Cheers folks! Will see them in action first before deciding which one to go for. Happy, will give you a shout when i've chosen one to see what you can do.
  4. x64 is for 64bit processors and x86 is for 32 bit processors
  5. In one, I would be interested to see some pictures on their website of what they are doing to try and get the game on, then they could say that it'll be reviewed mid afternoon. Pie eating bastuds!
  6. ex-Leeds


    Cheers Homer. Comet near me have both the Sony and the Samsung on display so will nip in and have a look at them both.
  7. As a resident of pieville (i repent my sins every day!) the pavements and roads round here were like an ice rink this morning, so unless there's a mini heatwave then i wouldn't be at all surprised if it's called off.
  8. ex-Leeds


    Now I know this has been discussed countless times in the past but there hasn't been any for while so here goes.... Looking for a new 32" TV. Thinking of either the Samsung LE32B650 or the Sony KDL-32W5500? Not a great deal difference in price and they are of a similar spec. Also see that LG have one that is similar - LG32LH5000. It'll be mainly used for watching freeview and also the odd game on the PS3 but hopefully I'll upgrade from peasant status soon and get Sky HD. Also is that 100Hz motionplus thing any good? Any advice from the experts (Homer,etc..) on which
  9. You can borrow our spare room J. That'll shut the neighbours up!
  10. He's been released now apparently. Sounds strange, reported as being in a serious condition yet he wasn't travelling fast enough for his airbags to go off!
  11. ex-Leeds


    They weren't for playing ball and negotiating my buyout fee (after being with them for over 4 years), so decided to go with o2. Got my iphone on friday and my number transfers over tomorrow... all in all pretty hassle free (touch wood!)
  12. ex-Leeds


    I'm now in C86's gay brigade. Bought out my contract on orange and got one with o2, no complaints with it so far. It's tip top!
  13. 103911 Got done on the St James Park one too!
  14. This is a bit dated now but maybe worth a go? Flash for Firefox portable
  15. The FA cup replay for me Owen Coyle, Owen Coyle, Owen Owen Coyle ...............
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