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  1. I do alot of great work for charity, dont like to talk about it
  2. Horwich

    Parky to Reading

    Wonder if sturridge has heard owt ?
  3. Horwich

    Uttoxeter today

    First 3 favs will win
  4. Horwich

    adidas Thread

    Should of taken the zero chance advice. queue or win the offspring raffle was the only real chance
  5. Horwich

    adidas Thread

    These newton heath will be going for £700 next year. Pretty much a zero chance of getting em though
  6. Horwich

    adidas Thread

    Wasnt to Harry was it?
  7. Horwich

    FA cup draw tonight

    Decent draw if Sunderland play a weaker team Could be worth about £175,000 to us
  8. Horwich

    FA cup draw tonight

    Sunderland will bring 5k they are massive
  9. Horwich

    FA cup draw tonight

    £15 a ticket
  10. Horwich

    King Ken

    Wigan at home
  11. Horwich

    King Ken

    Some good away days if we go down.
  12. Horwich

    King Ken

    Eddie Davies and Madine saved us last year. This year is gonna be a struggle
  13. Horwich

    Iptv With Mag Box

    Getting a MAG box for someone at weekend. who should I use as provider?
  14. Horwich

    Immigration Rules. Any ideas?

    What visa is he in the country with? last time I applied for a sponsors licence it was £500 and a right pain in the ass (4years ago) its all too much trouble imo
  15. Horwich

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Did it kick off after the game? Those Bburn yoof dont like Bolton

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