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  1. Thanks. That’s a great crowd at Cardiff, because of the Rugby I never have them down as that well supported
  2. Just looked at Cheltenham fixtures and they seem to have a good run until end of season Think it will be Forest Green, then Cheltenham then possibly Tranmere or us Think Cambridge will start to tumble Now
  3. If any statto could tell me please - what is the highest crowd for a division 4 game ever? Reckon there would have been 20k at Valley Parade a week on Saturday
  4. Hutch


    Think this could be a big turning point, like Fergies Mark Robins moment. Fucking hope so. Psychologically this should be massive for the players Lee could turn out to be the signing of the season Strange how a win can change your mood, I looked at the table and thought if we win our game in hand and beat them at home, we are just 5 points off Cambridge in top spot 😄
  5. So it’s great, we’ve got a progressive manager, good players, we’ve been unlucky with refs...We’re 19th in division 4 ffs, looking up to Harrogate, Crawley, Salford, Forest Green and Cambridge. It ain’t fucking good enough Most of us on here travel away and have a drink, can you imagine what it would be like now. All of us fighting between ourselves, he has completely got away with it. This forum would be in meltdown but most of you happy watching Sky+ and supping £5 cans from Rivvy just cause there is a fucking goat on the front Although Big Mick was my first choice, I’ve backed him
  6. As the title of this thread goes, he’s definitely reeled plenty of BWFC fans into his ‘brand’ We won’t have Big Mick, Pullis, or Moyes as this guy is going to play pass and move football, entertain, and bring the crowds back.... This league is shit, it’s there for the taking, and we are closer to going into Div 5 I have been supportive of Evatt and this is not knee jerk. But I have turned now. We are behaving like tin pot club, this ain’t good enough and shouldn’t continue. Results do matter
  7. Big Mick clueless in Div 4....ffs Were Bolton Wanderers, we should be ripping the fuck out of this division. Stevenage go above us if they win on Saturday. Think about it, Stevenage Need to give Pullis a ring tonight
  8. Big Mick working his magic again 4 games unbeaten in Championship Let’s stay with the rookie though, it’s gonna come good....
  9. I wanted Big Mick but he’s now a Championship manager with Cardiff. I always felt the BWFC manager in Div 4 needs lots of experience. I don’t want to sound all Leeds United but we are miles away from where we should be If crowds were allowed, it would be very toxic at the moment I want to be loyal and back him as I like the guy. And he seems to speak my language in his interviews. But I am now torn - I’m 60% get rid, 40% he stays. Simply, we are soft as shit. Always have been since day 1 under Evatt, its a back 3 rather than a back 5 The goalie issue went on for far longer
  10. Never saw Zach as a lad who would have a problem with his attitude, he always came across as a good guy Remember his debut against Wigan in FA Cup, it was a brilliant debut I though he was Championship class but not seen him play for a few years so obviously he needs a move now to get people talking about his again
  11. Loved that Sarcevic mom, always dangerous and worked really hard with Gilkes a close second. 18 mins in and at least our Goalie boots it upfield instead of our of play no fucking about at the back, big boot sometimes, never felt that worried that we would conceded Evatt needs to play the same team now next week There is a slight regret tonight that Evatt didn’t sort the goalkeeper situation out after the Cambridge game...but should be a real kick start that now COYFWM
  12. Sort the goalkeeper situation out, play Tutte instead of White/Comley, stopping fannying about at the back, and kick the ball straight forwards instead of out of play from a goal kick...and we may have a chance If we don’t, can see us losing 2-3 and Evatt, Gilles, Tobias will be under massive pressure. If we were allowed in the ground, I think it would have been toxic - a bit like that Hull Christmas game when Megson was in charge
  13. My theory in that I think he’s not good enough, just not seen anything to suggest he is at this level I thought he was a major fault for the Barrow 2nd goal and should have done better with their 1st too I reckon Evatt thought I will give him another chance. And that chance was today. He fucked it up Would be very surprised if he starts Tuesday
  14. Matthews and Crelin are like chalk and cheese Crelin won’t be playing for us on Tuesday and I’d be surprised If he plays again for us this season
  15. It’s coming together now Stick with that team but with a new goalie and we will start moving up the league
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