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  1. Crawford is quality a top 6 division one player in my view delighted, huge signing at this level COYFWM
  2. Like what I see so far, I would work for him Seems a bit more no nonsense than I expected, his “lets not beat about the bush, we need promotion” was exactly what I want to here I suppose time will tell
  3. Correct, lost me after his post match at Rochdale away We’ve cut him loads of slack, but fcuk me the fans “not on same page” shite, totally lost me Accy away was an absolute disaster and should have gone at 5pm then
  4. SuperKev in BEN “And I know of good candidates who have won promotions, worked at the lower end of the Championship, who would fancy the job." Still think the BWFC job, in Division 4, needs a man of experience and if McCarthy/Warnock are available we should try and get them if we can Really like the Plymouth forum though, seem to talk sense, they really rate Lowe....so even though I know little about him, if we want a young pup at least he has experience in the lower tier
  5. I’ve wanted a Big Mick/Warnock type with lots of experience but suspect I’m way off now Iles has been in the know (surprisingly) in this last 2 days so suspect he will be right with a younger manager Now expect it to be someone we’ve not heard of....but who has worked for City/United/Liverpool youth team and has contacts with younger kids who we could nurture and then sell on
  6. Big Mick Not sure we could attract what I think is a top Championship Manager to drop down to Division 4 I don’t want to be all Leeds United but would say “Mick, you have the chance to lead one of the founder members of the Football League, a patient fan base, top stadium, do you want the challenge of leading us up through the divisions pal?” Make not mistake the BWFC Manager job is still very attractive, even if the Shrewsbury fans think differently Win or lose, our away followings next year will be top fuckin class. Thousands will tip up With the right Manager, if we start off on a roll, the bandwagon will start. Make no mistake We need someone with experience and someone who knows how to win games ugly Big Mick all day for me, but with his record I think he will have other opportunities unfortunately. If not available, would try for Warnock. The BWFC job in division 4 isn’t for someone who is new to role. Need an old cunt, with bags of experience. And Big Mick and Warnock will speak our language and play the style of football that wins games
  7. Hutch

    Keith Hill

    Get Big Mick In
  8. Hutch

    POSH (H)

    If they start again at beginning of April, I would have thought they would extend the season by 3 weeks and the 5 postponed games will be slotted in there The current April/May games will stay as they were, I see no logic for them moving any of these. The exception would be the Oxford game as it wouldn’t now be the last game of the season and so no need to be played on Sunday lunchtime
  9. Hutch

    POSH (H)

    When they get the games back on, suspect Oxford will be on Saturday now with a 3pm kick off
  10. 642 away fans, fair play to those who went. Great following that
  11. Salford City Oldham got 1,341 tickets yesterday Hopefully a few will still be on holiday, gonna be interesting getting a ticket for this one as would expect 4 thou would go if we could all be accommodated
  12. My memory of that season will always be the picture in the BEN after Burnley away (either the League or FA cup game that year) of 3 police panda cars turned upside down on their roof Casual violence it was the norm then. Scary times looking back
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