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  1. Never saw Zach as a lad who would have a problem with his attitude, he always came across as a good guy Remember his debut against Wigan in FA Cup, it was a brilliant debut I though he was Championship class but not seen him play for a few years so obviously he needs a move now to get people talking about his again
  2. Loved that Sarcevic mom, always dangerous and worked really hard with Gilkes a close second. 18 mins in and at least our Goalie boots it upfield instead of our of play no fucking about at the back, big boot sometimes, never felt that worried that we would conceded Evatt needs to play the same team now next week There is a slight regret tonight that Evatt didn’t sort the goalkeeper situation out after the Cambridge game...but should be a real kick start that now COYFWM
  3. Sort the goalkeeper situation out, play Tutte instead of White/Comley, stopping fannying about at the back, and kick the ball straight forwards instead of out of play from a goal kick...and we may have a chance If we don’t, can see us losing 2-3 and Evatt, Gilles, Tobias will be under massive pressure. If we were allowed in the ground, I think it would have been toxic - a bit like that Hull Christmas game when Megson was in charge
  4. My theory in that I think he’s not good enough, just not seen anything to suggest he is at this level I thought he was a major fault for the Barrow 2nd goal and should have done better with their 1st too I reckon Evatt thought I will give him another chance. And that chance was today. He fucked it up Would be very surprised if he starts Tuesday
  5. Matthews and Crelin are like chalk and cheese Crelin won’t be playing for us on Tuesday and I’d be surprised If he plays again for us this season
  6. It’s coming together now Stick with that team but with a new goalie and we will start moving up the league
  7. Just looked at Remi Matthews on wiki, didn’t realise how few games he’s played throughout his career even though he is still 26 Really rate him, wasted on the bench at Sunderland and miles better than Crelin I think a new goalie would make a big difference and would be my top priority
  8. Jesus. It could/should have been 7 Not sure why he took Crawford off when we needed to score Need to drop the goalie and santos, play tuff for Conley to start with and to not play out from the back as we’re not good enough Still convinced if we give Doyle and Delfonso the service that they will score goals
  9. If you’ve spend £300 renewing your ST, your code should be issued directly to you and not the lead purchaser
  10. Miles better than last week Hickman and Delfouneso the best players imo Sort the defence out, and we can go places
  11. Taking the knee, I thought had stopped for the new season......very strange
  12. I think Harrogate away will be our first game that we can attend Donnys ground holds 13k so should be able to open all 4 ends and give us 3k with Harrogate 1k
  13. Hutch


    Fancy us to be Champoins Mantra May throw a few quid on us but I can’t find any odds, don’t know why no-one has released them yet. I’ve been looking daily - it’s just prem and championship so far Ali Crawford signing was huge, he is top class and will run the show Add in Div 4 top goal scorer and Plymouth’s Player of the Year....these are proven players at this level Just the Goalie is the worry for me Evatt is going places...It feels like when Keegan had his first pre season with Newcastle after saving them from going down to Div 3. Played loads of shit teams, but ham
  14. Hutch


    Just read the Salford City tickets page and I suspect most clubs will go the same way - access code for iFollow and supporters will apply for their usual seat but this will not be guaranteed and will be dependent on Gov social distancing guidelines. Only ST’s from same household will be sat together
  15. Crawford is quality a top 6 division one player in my view delighted, huge signing at this level COYFWM
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