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  1. I’m not a madine fan, but he did a job for us at this level, and would be an improvement. Can’t see it though.
  2. cbwfcd

    Take Over

    Thank fuck for that.... never again please FV
  3. Well it was nice while it lasted
  4. phew, i thought you meant until bristol where going to score
  5. We started well then stoke dominated the rest of the first half. Second half we played better. Robbed of a goal, but result was fair reflection of the game in the end. I think there are reasons to be positive out of the back of that. Just need to turn that into points. Thanks to whoever told the ifollow commentator to stop saying ‘recycled’
  6. Terrible news, thoughts with his family RIP
  7. This thread, from the team being announced through to FT is brilliant.
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