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  1. I Heard a rumour he’d endured a cruel summer.
  2. Declan John on his way
  3. Doyle back, give them something to think about? Let the straw grasping begin...
  4. Shit avalanche on its way down
  5. I can smell the shit-o-lache about to tumble down the cliffs later on tonight.. Can our defence shore up the inevitable turd doom that is about to slide? pass me my brolly
  6. Can’t believe we have a centre back as a manager and witness defending as bad as this..
  7. Surely Ian will be the master tactician for a game against his old team? He’ll know exactly how to open their weaknesses and win the game. No, I’m not that hopeful either 😕
  8. We are going nowhere fast with these men.
  9. How bloody long has this feeling been missing ... where’s the East Midland Whites and what are they doing?
  10. Evans a centre back - surely you’d think he’d understand the basics here
  11. Bassini... Bassini.... d doo de de doo d doo doo wonder if he’s bringing his ‘lady’ friend from that vid the mad bastard ?
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