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  1. The Kenyon link being quiet makes me presume this is the other bidder? Whoops forgot about Stelios 🤫
  2. Does Basran have links to any real ale establishments, or Carrs pasties? Hope so.. 😊 Edit: in fact any alcoholic drink supplier that is in fact drinkable.. thankyouplease
  3. Thought I was ‘kin mental but the Acca is in... party time 🥳
  4. Press conference now.. let’s see if Phil tells a few ‘truths’
  5. Rubbishes Bahrain, ‘well respected individuals connected with the Newcastle deals’ make of that what you will
  6. Looks to many that he has a point to prove, and he’s full on doing that. Point being proved where he stuck his head in to score that goal.
  7. Think he’d pick up a few quid with a sure for men sponsorship deal?
  8. Plums


    Agreed, however this would not be done by Parky as he wasn’t the one who wanted or brought him in.
  9. Only one small matter with the conspiracy theory above.. he was waiting for a train to go elsewhere.
  10. ( edit ) not worth the mither
  11. Not sure my arm is long enough
  12. Pure conjecture for both arguments, however i’d bet that this is more than one players payment and a wait of three days. Surely for the whole squad to challenge the chairman?! This smells of a longer term issue and poor planning / communication.
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