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  1. Plums

    Sweaty Ken

    Think he’d pick up a few quid with a sure for men sponsorship deal?
  2. Plums


    Agreed, however this would not be done by Parky as he wasn’t the one who wanted or brought him in.
  3. Plums

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Devoid of all belief
  4. Plums

    Big Sam Little Sam

    Only one small matter with the conspiracy theory above.. he was waiting for a train to go elsewhere.
  5. Plums

    Sweaty Ken

    ( edit ) not worth the mither
  6. Plums

    Transfer Gossip

    Not sure my arm is long enough
  7. Plums

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Pure conjecture for both arguments, however i’d bet that this is more than one players payment and a wait of three days. Surely for the whole squad to challenge the chairman?! This smells of a longer term issue and poor planning / communication.
  8. Plums

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Could this come at a worse time when trying to recruit? Ffs.
  9. Plums

    Transfer Gossip

    Different style of play? We’re a bit hopeful there. I just see him as Karancans replacement.
  10. Plums

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    I’m suing Parky for harmful effects to my health...
  11. Plums

    Transfer Gossip

    What’s Rasiak up to these days?
  12. Plums

    Boro 2-0 Wanderers

    Pulis appointed, and they’re also reporting their club shop has taken an absolute battering.
  13. Plums

    Championship Predictions 2017/18

    We'll be mid table.
  14. Plums

    Town Centre Latest

    The accelerated building on the Uni campus has guaranteed there will be substantial student accommodation being built. The original application behind Le Mans was laughable.. commercial development will follow suit no doubt..
  15. Plums

    Town Centre Latest

    Big plans muted... You'd like to think the appropriate independent people are consulted however http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15416965.REVEALED__Masterplan_for___1_BILLION_transformation_of_town_centre/

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