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  1. Plums

    Taken over

    Not sure Chris can drive anyway. Although I did see a video of a dog driving once so it’s possible. Lunatics not only got control of the asylum, they’ve now got a media platform and their own brand of merchandise.
  2. Plums

    Taken over

    League one is a reset.. set up for progress. Not saying the youth team, but the emphasis must be for the future for me.
  3. Plums

    Taken over

    Gary Baldie? he’ll crumble at the first dip in
  4. Think it’s also worthwhile adding that with the move out to the ‘burbs came more land. This potentially is one of the saving factors of the predicament we are in now.
  5. Age old argument usually purported by those who live in a rose tinted wonderland that think the likes of Okocha, Campo, Hierro etc. would have come to Burnden. This bloke writes a book about our current demise to make some cash. He can fook off.
  6. Plums

    Taken over

    Whoever said that the Chinese Government is trying to dissuade investment abroad needs to have a walk around Manchester 😂😂
  7. Plums

    Taken over

    To be honest I’m waiting for updates on what Ale and Pies will be served
  8. Plums

    Taken over

    This fookin stinks... seemingly all to plan by the sweaty one
  9. Sticky Hunt v Liverpool 😀 headed goal: Stelios v Arsenal
  10. Plums

    Taken over

    Think the team should go more direct.. big lad up top, and bunga bunga it
  11. Plums

    Taken over

    Love will tear us apart just came on the radio... feels somewhat apt..
  12. Plums

    Taken over

    This thread makes Fish-o-mania look like they are little lads with nets and crab lines.. Smiths road stylee
  13. Fabrizio Ravenelli Ian Rush just because he looked Rodentesque Another vote for Ashley hunchback Young Barry Bannan
  14. Plums

    Taken over

    Used to be the case, not so much these days due to the demand for housing and relaxations in planning guidelines.
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