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  1. More to do with the ST being mentioned ....
  2. Better to sell them all @ £30 rather than half of them at full price and the rest @ £10 after Christmas. plus the fans that wear them deserve a bargain every now and then.
  3. They are as they are most likely the shirts they rejected last season. should treat the fans to a £30 shirt as they probably paid peanuts for them...
  4. I take it he's not with us anymore with you saying was a rovers fan ?
  5. So your dad was Mike Gibson !
  6. If its Macron then most likely the kit they rejected last season, hopefully bought at a much discounted price and the savings passed on...
  7. he's talking about the Evatt compo..
  8. Julie Cross AKA Mrs Rod Cross, He must be pulling his hair out reading this shite..
  9. The guy who repossessed all that stock is supposedly bringing it back, I'm afraid he would be told to shove it where the sun dont shine, or offered a pittance for it..
  10. bwfcuk

    Take Over

    She's done it before and survived..
  11. bwfcuk

    Take Over

    Julie Cross Mrs Rod Cross...
  12. Great guy, allways called to see him when on holiday in Gran Canaria, where he had a restaurant called Churchills.. RIP Gareth...
  13. come to think of it the main man at Enkay did have a bit of a scouse/asian accent..
  14. ENNESSE made by a company called Enkay on Bury New Rd Strangeways ..the tops Where copy's of Ellesse and the tracky bottoms with the two stripes where copying Sergio Tacchini. Very popular with market traders..
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