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  1. Monster - in - law has been told that she needs to get a test in the next few days, she's NHS, She's got to get to Blackburn to get tested, and doesn't drive. No symptoms, same threat.
  2. Tell you what, the opinion of some teachers is shocking. Someone's just put on a closed group that masks are a bit pointless anyway as they're not fitted etc and worn incorrectly, absolute torrent of abuse from teachers who clearly are looking for excuses to get out of work. It's a bit embarrassing really.
  3. I'll say it again, just so it's crystal clear.. Teachers are NOT TO WEAR MASKS, following government guidance. Kids are also not to wear masks. It's not safe for me to go to my mums for a brew in her garden, but it's safe for me to be shut in a room with 30 teenagers, with the government telling me I am not allowed to wear a mask. Makes perfect sense. I'll do what i'm told and go back to work in September, doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I'm ina better place than many
  4. Not possible, Been told that masks are not advised, and you can't just nip to wash your hands when you're in charge of 30 teenagers. Going to be interesting when they re-open. It's impossible to comprehend the amount of planning it takes to safely look after 1500 teenagers in a school environment.
  5. Then there will be no online work for kids either, vicious circle.
  6. Be back in lockdown before that anyway. We closed as we didn't have enough staff after shielding staff were sent home. We remained open for year 11's and then were told to shut. A few schools had to put out a warning that teachers taking holidays abroad and having to isolate into the new term would face disciplinary procedures, I think a few were planning that....
  7. FFS, First Boris is telling them they look like letter boxes, and then he's trying to stop them meeting up the day before Eid.. course he's being ignored,
  8. Bullshit.. Most teachers want to be back working teaching.. The noisy minority don't. Most people want normality
  9. Can understand Joey Negro changing it, as he said, times have changed and he's felt a bit off about it for the last 10 years.. However Dixie chicks ---> Chicks. I'm surprised a feminist group hasn't picked up on that..
  10. A lot seem to be getting a nice ride from all thise.. I haven't seen a single thing from the media pointing blame at them. FWIW we know are 99% certain what caused Mrs Swanny's illness but they will try and brush that under the carpet as it will cause a massive shit storm if it was made official.. I also reckon that's why nobody has followed it up..
  11. Mrs Swanny has had every appointment cancelled.. She hasn't had a single phone call or appointment having been in Hospital on oxegen one day and told to "deal with it" the next.. Shocking really
  12. I've said from the start, i'm having to teach (well not atm in this 6 week holiday), would be nice to see all the mps back in. Either way, i'm happy with the raise and annoyed at the unions whinging about it
  13. Odd that, most I know have worked throughout having to up-skill and learn how to deliver lessons online as well as delivering face to face teaching to vulnerable groups and the children of key workers. Alongside that most have also been affected by the pay freeze and are below in real terms from 2010... Not to mention that there is a national shortage of good teachers, and retention rates are shocking as they have chucked tons of money at retention.. (example being someone paid 25k to train tax free and then being paid less than that in the first year with tax ontop)..
  14. Teaching unions are unhappy that their recommended 7% pay rise has been ignored... I'm over the moon at 3.1% .. That on top of a potential rise in my pay scale means a 4K rise..
  15. Les Kellet for PM... After he retired he moved to the countryside to run a pig farm, very humble guy from all accounts but a reet scary one in the ring..
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