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  1. This is what happens with Brophy every time, he's huge and can handle himself, but other dogs kick off with him, and inevitably.. he ends it.. quickly.. Had a woman screaming at me once that he would killer her chihuahua, said to her, "keep it on a lead then".
  2. Brophy the labradoodle x wolfhound.. massive dog and soft as shit, You have to walk him on a short lead and keep him next to you it behind you NEVER infront, that's pack leader position and he pulls like crazy. I keep him roadside, not the best way but he wants to sniff everywhere and cock his leg.. if he runs out if pee, he'll try to shit everywhere. Nearly every dog kicks off with him, hes scary as fook when he defends himself and at 40kg+ the other dogs owner are normally screaming, despite their dog starting it. Ted the cockerpoo is nuts,great on the lead.. only been of
  3. Kids home lives are wierd, people are queer as folk, problem is that is it normal to them, or do they know they are being a bit odd.. Without anything concrete you can't really do much, and I doubt social services will have much if she's "out of the system". Anyway wierd neighbours.. we're on the flower estate so we have a fair few around here. The house down the road have opened up a car wash and valeting centre on their drive way, taxi's waiting on the street to have their car sorted. House opposite was clearly up to no good, got raided in middle of the night and went quiet
  4. Love the fact that somewhere in little lever there is a household wondering who will move next door.. Poor feckers won't know what's happened when I move in!
  5. So many "customers" have asked me how much to clean the couch in this picture.. Not entirely sure what answer they expect.
  6. Go on Facebook and find any post of someone with a slightly foreign name selling something with an inflated price. Guy selling a ps5 last week wanted 700..clear racist comments littering the comments section.
  7. Will be used as a separate holding area no doubt. Red chairs are for covid and chest issues .. blue for non covid.. so if you have breathing issues you need to sit with covid patients.. So hardly ideal.. Might have been quiet but there are 2 double doors to the main emergency part and reckon it will have been manic in there.
  8. They said paracetamol was fine .. ibru not.. It's been disproved.. However gotta admit when I had it in march, I felt worse after having ibuprofen.
  9. One day left of isolation. No symptoms, happy days. Mrs Swanny came out of hospital last night, mrs Swannys mum went in.. ffs
  10. People will bend the rules as much as they can. Allowing for common sense had to be ignored as people will find loop holes to suit themselves unless it's written clear as day. Essential shops...should not include click and collect for bonus essentials. I dropped some Jean's at the seamstress, dya reckon it's still open? More than likely
  11. Young ones back to full health now having had it. I'm tired and I dunno if that's as my body has fended it off, be foolish to think I've not been in contact with it.
  12. It's going to get worse! It's in the community good n proper and schools are still busy places. My work place has about 1/6 of the kids in.. but know if two that still have class sizes if 20+ due to the high amount of "key workers"
  13. All closed down now.. Doubt they will reopen
  14. Daughter tested positive. Headache and shattered on new years eve.. not really symptoms.. Saturday night, really bad headache, Sunday afternoon temp starts and sore throat.. test monday comes back positive.temp started at 6PM Sunday and was gone by the time she woke up. New years eve I had a horrid headache, and went to bed at 7 as I couldnt stay awake, woke up at mightnight to text the missus, off to sleep, New years day exactly the same.. nothing since but been shattered all week. Now is this the virus being attacked by antibodies from when I had it in March? It's imp
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