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  1. Hardly seen anything of Diane Abbott this election. Labour are in panic mode, even had them canvassing around here yesterday and Quereshi has had a majority everytime. I don't think this seats ever been anything but Labour with a 10k majority.. (Bolton east)
  2. trending on twitter... must be true... I seem to remember they waited a while before announcing the Queen Mother.. Hope it's a hoax..
  3. Just seen a picture posted from a "Guard regiment" ordering Uniform all ready for tomorrow morning due to an announcement....
  4. Just about to join Nuffield, pool, gym and a creche.. can leave the kids there whilst we sweat away the padding..
  5. I've had people asking me when leaving the polling station in the past, just told them it's private...
  6. "Who do you vote?".. "none of your business" "Who do you vote?".. "labour" "Who do you vote?".. "none of your business" "Who do you vote?".. "labour" "Who do you vote?".. "conservative" "Who do you vote?".. "none of your business" labour are ahead...
  7. Well there will be 50k more nurses than there is now.. it's not a lie.. it's assumed that that will be through recruiting 50k new nurses.. It's not.. It's pretty hard to disagree that keeping experienced nurses in the NHS is a better use of money, than replacing with new nurses.
  8. The manifesto says more.. not new.. Difference between the two.
  9. Its badly explained to get that attention grabbing headline of 50k more nurses.. Basically by the end there will be over 50k more nurses than there is today, It's a win win though as the experienced nurses stay, meaning better care for patients
  10. No but the x amount that leave, normally would be replaced by trainees or new nurses. There will be less leaving so the number of nurses increaes.
  11. This nurses thing, I found it very straight forward.. 280k nurses now, by the projected end period there will be 330k.. so 50k more than now. They predict x amount will leave in that period of time, but from that the new scheme will increase retention of 19k who would have otherwise left. Recruitment wont slow down desoite fewer people leaving, meaning a net gain in nurses... and ontop of that standard level of recruitment, more will be taken on.. End result, 50k more than there are now.
  12. There seems to be this notion that they can recoup millions from the big companies. Facebook, Amazon, Ebay etc, won't pay up... part of the problem of being a global brand is that they might not "base" themselves in this country. David Cameron's government tired and only managed to get £130m from google... which was about 10 years worth!
  13. Just had a 3.75% pay rise in work, alongside a £2k pay rise, Apparently still behind where it should have been had austerity measures not been introduced.. On my current salary i'm paying 84 quid a month off my student loan... I dread to think how long it will take me to pay back the full amount.. If i ever do...
  14. Quereshi still will be nowhere to be seen...
  15. Pretty much, we've always had to work that way, Shame really, but they might have just been a flash in the pan for us...
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