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  1. normally a caravans about £1k for a caravan.
  2. last week we had the 2nd youngest team in the league, this week has to be youngest..
  3. Parkinson showing that given players with drive, he can manage.. Hoping that when we can finally recruit, some of these are given the opportunity
  4. waiting for season tickets to go on sale... Rushed off my feet all day yesterday and then rough as so didn't get a ticket, had it been pay on doors today I'd have been. Season ticket since I've been 14, aside from a few of the premiership years.
  5. Sickened at the news yesterday showing pictures of the kid being put into the air ambulance. Messed up world we live in.
  6. we had a sparrow hawk and a few owls nearby at our last house.. The owls were dicks and used to hoot down the chimney pots at night, proper noisy.. The sparrow hawk would sit on the fence at the back garden and glare at the dog. Big massive bird. At work they bring a Harris Hawk in once a week to scare of the gulls that plight the yard at the back.. Little Lever's gangster gulls were not even remotely scared of it despite it being huge and scary.
  7. Some cracking memories.. Seem to recall fitting 7 people in a fiat pinto after a night out once.
  8. Did all 3 in 24 hours in 2016, the drive alone was hellish. Loved Ben Nevis fwiw, but cycling to each one... impressive even to have the balls to try that one!
  9. Had a few calls about cleaning artificial grass, cleaning some tennis courts with big next weekend. I hate grass and I end up in blisters when I cut the grass, wife has finally realised after 12 years why I just want a yard..
  10. Fiona Bruce just annoys me on question time. Seems determined to interrupt people mid flow ..
  11. Joined Kings Gym in Farnworth this morning, £20 a month rolling contract with 24/7 access, so I can bob down after the kids are in bed (wife goes to bed really early). Weighed myself at 19 stone 6 lbs. Not so fussy about losing weight but want to lose fat. Got my eye's on aiming for strongman type events, reckon at my size it's a decent enough ambition (looooong way to go), but clearly running isn't my thing 😛
  12. I'd love to own a bird of prey, a lot of work but very rewarding.. I've been looking into Harris Hawks as they are one of the more sociable birds of prey, however never in a million years would I get the chance to own one..
  13. Another that has a fair point but badly put.. In theory, once someone has served their time, they have been reformed as such, however you definitely can't compare it to vile racist abuse.
  14. referendum with two options.. May's deal... or no deal... because the former is pretty much staying in Europe..
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