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  1. Purge style event, whack it on PPV with funds going to the NHS.. jobs a good-un
  2. Copied from what I have just posted on my union's facebook page.. "Bars - unsafe, clubs - unsafe, restaurants - unsafe, meeting in groups - unsafe, meeting outside - unsafe. So schools were you you can meet in groups, talk with friends and carry on some variant of normality are safe.. why?? Well it's down to us and just us, the school workers. Parents are grateful, kids will be grateful and we're doing something that nobody else can at the moment, giving kids some sense of normality. It's above and beyond, it's crap, we're all shattered, but we're making the difference though. Focus on th
  3. super spreaders those kids, They wear masks when moving around but not in class.. but some won't follow the rules at all. I reckon the Government will follow wither Ireland or Wales with a plan to reduce pressure on the NHS
  4. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/leaked-document-claims-greater-manchesters-19126191?fbclid=IwAR39vBbQEVmwl5sV03JBxzBHV8-ViW6i1ybahEMgw45_bXTSLa-C1BEgDE0 slightly troubling
  5. What's a decent sport for a large heavy person, aside from weigh-lifting. I'm pretty shit at football and want something where I'm not training alone.
  6. Gyms should stay open.. Fat people are more at risk
  7. They had an interview with her in bbc radio 4, dolly Parton foundation. Seems a genuinely lovely woman.
  8. My volvo had something daft over 300 bhp. Scary as fook when you put your foot down but fun! Shame it also has over 300k miles and seem better days. Going to get my a3 fettled post MOT and that should be more that 200 bhp which for such a teeny car will be ample
  9. Keep eating and drinking, keep your strength up
  10. It's not a real lockdown though, And that's how people will view it, although the smart arses saying it's not real seem to have gone quiet. Reckon schools will be shut by xmas
  11. Love quizzes, I'm a mine of useless information. Moving house soon and sky is going, full package being downgraded to just netflix and basic channels
  12. Need a new wave of politicians Boris's lot are all quite young, which is worrying,
  13. Know of 1 that has died from it and about 20 that have had it,
  14. Miami white mentioned the other day about Antibody tests and the LSE, They are now available to order on the gov.uk website, for NHS and care staff, and education staff. edit: Antibody, not antivirus d'oh
  15. Had flu at xmas absolutely grim. Had to get my mum over 3 days in a row as I couldn't even sit up to look after the kids !
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