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  1. Trying to cover over the fact that they are no longer following "the science", by allowing some sport.. I'm considering stopping working on my part time job from Wednesday, there is another spike coming judging off how many people are ignoring it, the parking at Crompton Lodges summed it up.. Soon as schools go back it will rocket again :(. IN Thursday and then 15th of June, I'm in 3 days a week.
  2. Drove past about 3 with loads there. Bottle of fanta from spa..
  3. Not allowed to have any more than 1/4 of a year group in numbers wise, including those that are key worker/vulnerable.. So basically if you have 30/35 kids in full time, leaves you very limited.. For example, a medium sized secondary with 1000 on roll.. May have 25 kids who have been going every day. Each year group will have roughly 200 kids in.. So basically they can have 25 year 10's in at any one point...so only just over 10% of the year group.. They also can't have morning and afternoon sessions, sharing the same areas.
  4. to me, it seems the Government want the schools to increase it to a manageable amount. Why else would they decide to put secondary back (the kids that can (in theory) social distance), and leave the young ones as they are...(that have no idea what it means).. I'll do what I'm told at work and was a bit gutted to find out it's been moved back quietly on a Sunday evening.. but the lack of clarity is absolute daft.. Councils saying one thing, academies saying another.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8357833/Coronavirus-quarter-year-10-12-pupils-return-school-one-time.html
  5. year 10? Government has sneaked it back 2 weeks,
  6. Lots of councils have already done the same.. However Councils don't have much say over Academy Schools.. As they are ran separate and will decide themselves. Secondary has already been put back by 2 weeks to the 15th June, and even then it's now only face to face meetings.
  7. Was annoyed, I've moved on and think there is more important things. Like track and trace which is scary tech, where you are allowing someone to track your every move..
  8. Had a guy asking me to restore the seats in his Rolls Royce Corniche.. That's a thing of Beauty! Most cars go up after a while, anything from the 90's in good condition seems to go for silly money, even Metro's
  9. Primary schools still set for the 1st june.. secondary schools have been pushed back to the 15th and very unlikely it will be classes based upon the current wording.
  10. Tobutt's are really good, but i don't know if they will be doing it atm, you can only ask them and see what they say, I'm fair certain it can be done socially distanced... Mine's seemed to have faded away but last time I ran was for the ice cream van.. More for walking now.
  11. That's my point of view. Why are all these people resigning? Shows how far apart their worlds are that they can simply quit. You're invested in something and feel you are doing your best, you don't just quit. He's a dick, fine him, make an example of him and crack on, it was beginning of March it happens, why's it news now? What are they trying to take the focus off?
  12. That's the thing.. I've got an email from my local MP saying I can go to get stuff work related, we're going straight there and back, and I have an email from the guy with pick up details and times. I can't see a problem with it.
  13. Need to go and pick up some carpet cleaning equipment tomorrow from Wales, about 5 miles from Rhyl I'm allowed to travel to work, I'm allowed to travel to pick up equipment for work (checked via Y.Quershi) Question is, can I drive to go collect it, and take my family for the drive if they do not intend on leaving the car.. They're that bored of being stuck in. Or do I go on my own :S
  14. Be Raab.. Can't see Boris doing the full term.
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