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  1. Nope.. different varient same power. Just going to look around and weigh up if the saving is worth paying a cancellation fee.
  2. Just swapped my 57 reg passat for a 59 plate passat, same engine etc... 200 a year extra for some fancy alloys and leather seats.
  3. Mrs Swanny had her 2nd one today. She was back in hospital last week with a blood clot, apparently her blood is teeming with antibodies.
  4. Friend on facebook ranting daily as we were worse hit than New Zealand..
  5. That hasn't stopped people comparing us all the way through, amazingly all the anti Boris lot have gone very quiet about it recently.
  6. Social media is one of those things that I wish could be un-invented. I spend a lot of time on facebook and a lot of work etc comes through it, but it's too predominant. People show their best lives through it and it's away from the harsh realities. Increased communication has led to a development of "now" culture. Businesses need profit yesterday which leads to increased pressure and workload on staff resulting in a poorer work/life balance etc. Work that was previously undertaken by several people is now done by just one.
  7. Aye he shouts it in the Church, but it's from a Neil Young album (Rust never dies?) Either way Cobain wrote it in his death note
  8. shh showers on... extra cold
  9. Anyway, men crying.. Speaking to someone today and they spoke about something which seems to common. They mentioned that their Dad used to be in the pub from 6pm till 10pm every night, drinking away and escaping the world. I know this doesn't happen now, so could this escapism be the reason why so many blokes are commiting suicide? Did the evening at the pub work in a way that blokes could talk and be themselves to other half pissed blokes? Personally i reckon that we are trying to take too much on and there is something there in that our brains simply cannot cope with t
  10. Bloody hell who's that? Get my heart racing late at night with pictures like that! Better pop off for a cold shower.
  11. Keep getting a London number ringing, its apparently EE who need to speak to the Business owner for a free upgrade. Oh and 118 directory enquiries demanding that I give them all my details for their directory..
  12. It's a farce, because its recommended not enforced.. if i kid refuses we can't do anything, if a kid causes a major hazard .. we can't do anything.. These 25p masks that don't fit a kid are doing fook all. They're having twice weekly tests, then being told to wear a mask all day. Its causing more behaviour issues than you could imagine when teacher's try to enforce it. There us a tik tok trend where kids use a mask string to cut a chair, within days 100s of chairs damaged! Roll on 19th May (iirc) when they get dropped.
  13. Flower estate didn't seem too bad, been away 3 months and just driven past old house and realised why it has a bad rep
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