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  1. Pretty much, we've always had to work that way, Shame really, but they might have just been a flash in the pan for us...
  2. can't see the fuss myself. Why on earth would a mother and daughter have a scissor combo? You've well been watching too much pornhub, you'll be going blind soon !
  3. We've struggled, 2 kids and high rent. Now living in an ex council in farnworth, needs loads doing but its ours. Both teachers and I do carpet cleaning some evenings and weekends. I dress rough as but the kids are well dressed, fed etc. So I dont care. Most of my debts are from starting the business, but i could pay them off next week by selling the equipment if need be. Its getting to the point where I'm struggling with working so much. There was a time 2 years ago, when I walked from a job and just did carpets, I was conned by a "leather training" supplier which cost me thousands, not pleasant.
  4. In about 20 years, there will be an evolution of wanderersways, stating how much of a pratt Mr Swanny was..
  5. I know I have a pension, and I know that the employed (government) put a fair bit in it, More than a lot my age, which is quite scary..
  6. massive demand for teachers over in the UAE.. No tax, lodgings paid, high wages and better working conditions..
  7. only1swanny


    Love watching "last leg", it's done wonders in normalising disabilities.
  8. BTW.. A teacher pays for their training.. not directly the tax payer.. Some get bursaries, but that's the governments fault for not golden handcuffing them.. I got nothing FWIW, I teach maths
  9. You will never get rid of behavioural issues in mainstream schools and to even attempt to would be detrimental to their running. THe only way to bring some students in line is to surround them with positive role models and show them what they are capable of. With that said some do need to be in alternative provision, The major problem atm, in my view, is telling kids they have to pass English and Maths and making them resit this over and over again until they do. Far too much focus on the main topics and not about a well rounded education. A kids from an independent school with 11 good GCSE's, will always get a job/college place/apprenticeship over a mainstream kid that has only been able to do 7 or 8, as their school wanted to focus on the main subjects (in order to look better on performance targets).
  10. Private school teachers are no better than mainstream teachers, infact, possibly not as honed in their pedagogical approach to teaching.I know of teachers in private schools that teach from a textbook. You can't do that when you have a mixed class of kids, some with complex issues, where you have to get the best from all. "When i started teaching in a private school, it was like going to heaven", a quote from a teacher that moved from mainstream. Kids do better as there are less behaviour issues, more support from home and smaller class sizes.. I'd not suit a private school and I make no qualms about that, my area of expertise is lower ability kids and SEN, it's very different to teaching in a selective school.
  11. There used to be an assisted place scheme which was scrapped by the Blair government. If a child passed the exam they could go to a school such as Bolton school and the school would subsidise the fees. The schools now open to all, if you pass the exam, they look at your family income and will assist with fee's. Some kids get a full scholarship. These tax loops and reinvestment of finances pay for that.. People from disadvantages backgrounds being allowed to go to a Private school? People from poor backgrounds breaking the cycle of poverty.. Where have I heard that before.... It's one of the main educational focuses of ofsted. (Pupil premium if you are wondering). A charity is such, if there are no shareholders getting rich from it, no highly paid directors, and any "profits" are used to benefit others. These loopholes are employed to get the best kids through, regardless of background. If that isn't there to break the cycle, what is? As for training their own teachers.. the government has allowed non qualified teachers to teach. A 21 year old can can teach without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Your kid could be being taught by a teacher that has no idea what they are doing.. Teachers don't pass a uni based PGCE without a fair standard of teaching ability. But these unqualified teachers have no idea whats best for kids, or how to get them to learn.
  12. They are run as a charity, No shareholders, the money is reinvested... So why not?
  13. That is the crux of it, blaming others. Labour want to create a more inclusive education system, and want to level the playing field getting more working class kids into uni, however, rather than looking at the problem from the bottom up, (The pupil premium scheme is fantastic but not always properly utilized to create opportunities). Students should be encouraged from a young age to aim high, told about what they can achieve and the best way to achieve this. This should start at home as its more sincere than through school, but it isn't always the case. Open evening last week and I heard time and time again "oh it wasnt like this when i was at school". Parents have the single biggest impact on kids learning upto about 12 years old and by that point most kids have already decided which they they feel about school, after that it's a 50:50 role of DNA and influence from peer groups (David Didau), so if your kid has already decided that school is pointless and don't want to go to uni and college by 12, that boat (in most cases) has sailed. Schools are now being asked to try and encourage these things and in some cases it does work, but not all.. I don't know the answer, I genuinely don't, but it's wrong to blame parents who will work hard to send their kids to better schools for that. I'm sure that someone else far more knowledgeable than me can explain the technical name for when a government tries to make everyone equal by toppling the successful. It is very hypocritical for a Party who's leader went to a boarding school and prep school, and their shadow education secretary has no formal qualifications or GCSE's. Hypocritical or the inmates running the asylum? I'd love my daughter to go to Bolton School. MY wife isn't set on it, and wants her to go to St James. There is no changing her mindset on that, Wifey goes to church weekly anyway and we live in catchment so it would be the nearest school. Harper Green is the next closest, and that one just isn't on the cards.
  14. I gcses will be gone soon enough, However forcing kids to retake maths until they pass is a pretty awful policy. A quote today that stood out "removing private schools will legally make HS2 look like building a station".. Private schools spokespeople have already pointed out that the last major change to schools by a labour government was in court for 5 years and got rejected, (charitable status rights) That and 2/3 of Judges being privately educated. The legislation would also have s knock on effect for any private educational establishment such as tutoring, nursery, colleges and unis, even driving schools and training facilities. Plus not to mention 600,000 more students entering a stretched state system, an extra 3.6 billion for the government to find.. Wont happen..
  15. Stegosaurus were about 150m years ago, T-Rex were about 70m years ago.. (I used these figures a few weeks ago doing a lesson on place value) The irony is here that "something killed all the dinosaurs", however the Dinosaurs from the Stegosaurus era were long gone before T-Rex's, and scientists reckon that's due to climate changes. Which in itself conjures up a lovely image of a dinosaur with a placard..
  16. only1swanny


    hope so.. Had enough of negative Bolton fans recently, things are looking up and hoping todays the turning point.
  17. Had the "Scottish Sun" on holiday, No internet and having to read that trash in the morning...
  18. only1swanny


    I'm assuming your interview went well then. Were they headhunting you? Teams set up, great spirit but he doesn't know what he's doing.. Most Bolton fans are over the moon, get real!
  19. I skipped the arguing.. How are private schools linked to terrorists?
  20. Its like being in work... but online...
  21. They stopped taking my direct debit before the end of the season... wonder if it will be auto renewed?
  22. Plenty of evidence that setting children assists their education, hence why nearly every school in the UK do it.. Grammar schools are merely an option for parents to reduce the amount of sets their kid can be in. Ensuring that their kid is educated amongst other high attaining students. Private schools generally are not setted, with having entrance exams and a strict entry criteria, alongside assisted places to help children up that ladder. The system does work and helps people,and caters generally for high attaining students. I know of a bloke from a council estate in Salford, his wife from Moss side, 3 kids went to a private school. One is a director for a global programming company, one is a middle manager for global brand and the other is a Teacher. That private school has helped them break the wheel as such. If someone can pay for it, and it doesn't harm others, then why not.. and if the school is willing to offer a free place for a council estate kid that can do well, where is the harm in that?
  23. First time i met my (now wife)'s family, I went round on my 1000cc motorbike, (apparently they heard me coming down the street), bike leathers, shaved head.. beard...and Bolton shirt... I remember the look on her dads face when i took my jacket off and was wearing a Bolton Shirt.. Until i nearly got kicked out of the house for dropping the "s" bomb during a conversation 😛
  24. Have a look for SummerHill school if you want to see educational inspiration for inclusive education..
  25. he's gone, let him find a stone to hide under as he won't get his hands on another football club.. job done
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