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  1. Oh yeah the little bits of wax inevitably end up on your cheeks/beard/hanging from your ear
  2. I do it with a bottle like in the video, You get wax out, just floats in the sink (if you do it over a sink). Sometimes some water gets a big lodged so just keep you head tipped for a bit.
  3. The DNA things odd.. I'm a goody two shoes.. don't break laws etc never have but I still would be funny about having my DNA on a database. Can't explain it. Kids back on the 8th.. i think 2 infections can lead to a school closure for deep clean.. so its going to be a very staggered start.
  4. Schools need to reopen. But all kids back in at the same time is asking for trouble
  5. Schools need to go back on the 8th. Engagement is dropping and kids are now at serious risk both mentally and academically.
  6. Did wonder this. I reckoned it would be the size of a football. Seems I was massively out Actually editing this.. The 160ml will be from reported data, so many countries are cooking the books and bodging figures.. reckon I'm right..
  7. Mrs Swanny has had hers 38 year old teacher. Had mild asthma but the first bout if 'covid ' turned it into what they call brittle asthma which is basically triggered really easily. Was hospitalised again with confirmed covid just before Xmas but still high priority for a jab.
  8. Apparently its the way they do it now, as the other party could claim its my fault.. Driver behind didn't want to do 20 in a 20 zone so overtook on a bend, cars still not right, caused loads of mechanical faults that weren't picked up by the repair garage. Should have been written off but the garages don't make money if they're written off
  9. My bump in June has had to go down as a fault claim. (Uninsured driver hit me and drove off). I wasn't aware of this and put it down as non fault claim. The insurance went from 800 to 3200..
  10. Similar story for when we bought this house, Completed on the 19th of January, we made the offer mid August. List as long as your arm of things that if I worked like that in my job role, I wouldn't have a job for long.
  11. neither but the staff changed totally from using them last time (2018) when the service was OK.
  12. I would avoid. We used them to move..
  13. Can tell you who to avoid! Loads doing half arsed job atm so I'd go local and find one with a good reputation and office that you can go to. I wouldn't wish what we had to go through on anyone!
  14. GTECh are crap. Shark are leading the way atm, corded ones are much superior to the battery ones as the batteries simply don't last for a proper vac.. Of course that depends if you are vacuuming properly (front to back side to side) or simply just nipping over. Used a fair few, i'd say get a Shark or a Sebo if you want an upright, A Miele or a Henry if you want a cannister. I had a Shark and it lasted 4 weeks as the build quality wasn't up to scratch for commercial use, the Sebo was 8 years old when I sold it on.. I've had the Henry since I moved out of my dad's 13 year
  15. That's my worry jokes aside. Mum's had it and she said she was ropey for a few days. Older gent at work's had it and said he just had a sore arm for days.
  16. As they said on "last leg" 10million zombies controlled by Bill Gates is going to be a nightmare...
  17. Saw a Chesterfield one last week it was pretty amazing
  18. Well yes as the vaccine is a toned down version of the virus to safely introduce your body to it and allow time for the white blood cells to combat it before it takes hold.. No idea about how this "reduces transmission works".
  19. Had it, now immune, so tbh didn't see much point in the vaccine for myself However the news today that the vaccine stops it spreading... has swayed me, ill have the vaccine when its time.
  20. took the bulb out on my citroen distpatch. Took it to a mechanic (different one), and said "engine lights on".. "you bought a citroen.. what do you expect".
  21. If the mechanic can't sort it with his VAG specific laptop, i've got no chance with something for a couple of quid from ebay, but thank you for sharing. It was throwing error codes like a pissed up enigma machine, they advised to change the whole wiring loom, which sorted it, and then an injector imploded, taking the fuel pump with it. The injector was showing as a fault before the re-wire, but so were about 5 other things of which there was nothing wrong with. Hopefully it will come back right as rain.
  22. Had an ear infection about 4 weeks ago, spinning head and mouth full of ulcers, Doctor signed me off with stress. Shouldn't be back in work really but it's difficult as work simply say "work from home".
  23. Was it you that shared the link to it a few months ago? Had never heard of it, looked quite painful.
  24. Audi a3 sport. We bought one as it's still quick, but looks like a normal Audi, few subtle things to make it sporty, and again, not hit by daft insurance. Think it's 170 bhp atm, going to be getting it played with at some point "for fuel economy"... cough cough
  25. Cars are a sore issue atm. Had my Passat for 3 years, not a single issue, then some pillock drives into me and it all goes wrong.. Engine management light came on and i've spent so far about 800 trying to sort it. It's had new wiring loom, new in engine loom, (sits in the engine), new egr valve, 2 replacement injectors, new low pressure fuel pump, new battery and engine management light is STILL ON! It's back at the garage now as they are replacing the O rings on the injectors, I'm not certain at what point to call it quits and get rid, but I can't with the engine manage
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