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  1. Just got back last night from Protaras in Cyprus and it was fantastic, scorching weather all week. Went for a friends daughters wedding and apart from us lot, the hotel was very quiet all week so we was spoilt rotten with the service.
  2. Cheers Victor, our problem is that we are flying at 3pm on a Sunday and like you say we would need to have the test after 3pm on the Thursday and then hope we get the FTF certs back in time.
  3. Were going at the end of this month and I'm just sorting out the tests for me and the misses.£149 each to get a fit to fly certificate 😡😡😡
  4. Be more expensive for Anfield 😂😂😂
  5. I think it was "birdcage" not budgie face
  6. You will do of that dodgy handicap 😂😂
  7. AH, did he become a school teacher??? If so a few of us from L/H know him.
  8. Tel


    3% rise yesterday 😀 😀😀 first positive sign in 3 weeks
  9. Tel


    😡 not that old 😂
  10. Tel


    How's it doing now mate 😡😡 mine went down £2k 2 weeks ago but now it's down £18k😪😪 not sure what to do ride the storm or get out.
  11. Not sure which coach firm it was but a few of us from L/H went down to Leyton Orient in the late 70s / early 80s. Anyhow coach was full going all 52 seats taken but coming home there must have been 70 on it. As we were passing through an area close to white hart lane some lads were jumping out the back of the coach attacking or abusing spurs fans. All sorts were being thrown out of the windows and roof vents before the police turn up and order everyone of the coach. The sergeant then put an old bloke and his grandson back on the coach and told the driver to go leaving all the rest of us stran
  12. I think the refs touched the ball more than Taylor, can't believe someone signed him up after he left us ??????
  13. Tel


    It is Marks brother Mounts he's been there years used to work in another bar as the "bookie" called "inchys" I've been over a few times and had a beer with him and last time I was there 2 years ago I had a right good chat with Dave the landlord. He kept bringing up football tales from years ago about us lot from L/H especially our Isaac, must of been on about his singing
  14. Not sure if it's jakesie but the big lad is forest
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