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  1. Traf

    Road to Cheltenham

    The road to Cheltenham
  2. Traf

    In Or Out Again

  3. Traf

    Tv Shows

    Just 1 episode?
  4. Traf

    King Ken

    Just thought I'd spell it out before someone came along who didn't It WILL get asked somewhere, sadly, especially as Ken is perceived to be taking £12,500 out of the club every week to pay himself and Lee.
  5. Traf

    adidas Thread

  6. Traf

    King Ken

    Because the massive interest would have been even bigger?
  7. Traf

    Tv Shows

    Sounds interesting, cheers.
  8. Traf

    King Ken

    OK, but you definitely inferred otherwise.
  9. Traf

    King Ken

    So, not a popular rumour?
  10. Traf

    King Ken

    Popular rumour? Yet none of Iles / Bower/ Howell / Shortland etc have mentioned it? Can't be that popular. Is it popular at LoV?
  11. Traf

    Road to Cheltenham

  12. Traf

    King Ken

    So? What was he supposed to do, if he didn't have the money?
  13. Traf

    Todays Games

    It'll be great for NFL.
  14. Just didn't know what arf meant. But yes, I knew.

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