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  1. Traf

    Best and worst of the last 30 years

    We've not had many better finishers than Andy Walker IMO
  2. Traf

    Todays Games

    Pub League. League of Wales standard.
  3. Traf

    Skills You Once Had.

  4. Traf


    If she gets beat, the Aussie racing media will go into meltdown. They're already foaming at the mouth because Yucatan is a non-runner.
  5. Traf

    Melbourne Cup 2018

    Jesus christ, talk about being over dramatic. Horse was running, now isn't. Big fucking deal.
  6. Traf

    Terror Attacks

    Going to a bail hostel, isn't he? Hopefully some of the other "residents" might do him in.
  7. Traf

    Poor Bastard

    Paul Dickov, surely?
  8. Traf

    Turkey Hols?

    Who told you that?
  9. Traf


    No danger of someone just blocking her off? Although he sectional times for the last 2f were exceptional LTO, it was her least comfortable win and you could see there might be danger if someone wanted to cause it.
  10. Traf

    When Did Stewarding Go Wrong ?

    He was talking about coppers. ACAB
  11. Traf

    Turkey Hols?

    Happy to help, of course. ;-)
  12. Traf

    In Or Out Again

    And with a hard border, that journey takes forever.
  13. Traf

    In Or Out Again

    I don't think they even work Fridays.

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