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  1. Classic deflection, now where's that Spiderman gif when you need it?
  2. Will ye no be wearin ya tam o shanter?
  3. Ryan's just a bit of a twat.
  4. Rumbled there, because if anyone knows about pissing NHS money up a wall, it's Hancock.
  5. Did Keir say "Do you know who I am?"
  6. Rum is being polite. Westgate is grim. For those still wanting a day out and haven't booked a hovel table. Then try the Brew House. Brewery tap type place with massive outdoor space about 1.75 miles from ground on way back to lancaster.
  7. They've hardly much else to do in daylight.
  8. Not trawling back, so sorry if it has been said already.... Fuck 'em. Let 'em go. Don't let them back in. Bar their players from playing for England. Re build the league as a 4-division set up of 20 and 3 x 22 without them. 4 up, 4 down from every league to avoid late season dead-rubbers Still relegate clubs this season as planned
  9. According to the numbers on my latest bill, I must have purchased a large share in British Gas. #usedmorethenhitler
  10. Traf


    Top titting, lads.
  11. So they'll split the new league into 2 groups with play offs at the end to determine the champions, a bit like NFL. What odds on the play-offs and final being in China or Qatar etc?
  12. Traf


    £15m a year. Payout is reportedly going to be £30-35m, plus £20m for his staff.
  13. Morecambe score and concede goals (avg 2.8 goals per game), suggesting open games. Grimsby thrived on the unusual openness of our play on Saturday and with more luck/composure in front of goal, could have scored plenty. Hopefully they'll bag a few this time. One could argue that Grimsby need the points more.
  14. Traf


    0 The number of fucks he probably gives.
  15. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/halifax-town-torquay-united-and-stockport-county-join-european-super-non-league-20210419207270
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