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  1. Lads (and lasses, of course), Christmas... Apart from going to Egypt eleventy years ago, I’ve always spent Xmas at home. Any of you been away for it and can you recommend anywhere?
  2. Traf


    Inexplicably bad. Not a good night on the injury front, lots of top players fucked.
  3. Traf


    Edmonds is a paedo too, isn't he? Looks like one, used to be a BBC DJ and worked with kids. Nailed on noncery.
  4. Junior's 16th birthday, I'll buy her an alcopop or whatever shite kids drink.
  5. Traf


    Bravo, good work.
  6. Traf


    Nailed on. FC came a bit unstuck that day.
  7. Yep, not much to disagree with there.
  8. Alex Samizadeh now at Curzon Ashton in National League North.
  9. Got to say, you're the least wound-up bloke I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Nothing seems to phase you and you just crack on with a positive outlook.
  10. Traf


    Who is wearing the leggings and eating pasties? You or them?
  11. Asda have got some brewed by BAD Co brewery miles cheaper than BAD Co sell for. Had a nice Denver Milk Stout from them via Asda at £1.25 can this week.
  12. SPAZ shoes. Hideous, mate.
  13. Traf


    Not keen on beards either.
  14. Traf


    None here, never seen the attraction.
  15. I watched The Street on iPlayer not long ago, if it's the same one. Manchester street, each episode focused on a different character. Bob Hoskins played the pub landlord?
  16. Same, but because I'm a fat cunt. Re : masks, not a fan of wearing one, but do wear one, because it surely has to do more good than harm. Re : schools, we got a message this evening to say one of Junior's form-mates has tested positive, so no school for Jnr for 2 weeks now.
  17. They should give tickets to Bolton Season ticket holders who don't have a BL postcode.
  18. Traf


    17th April away at Bacup. Might wander down the hill to clod shit at them.
  19. They should never have been allowed to start the season.
  20. They'd be on a par with White in that case and marginally better than Comley, who hasn't impressed so far.
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