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  1. Traf

    Big Telly's

    We've a 42" telly and it's plenty big enough.
  2. I bet that between the 3 of us at home, we have something delivered by Amazon at least once a week. Daughter is a prolific reader, plus both myself & the wife use the house as an office, so pens, inks, paper etc.
  3. Traf

    Keith Hill

    Mark Davies must be fit soon 😉
  4. I stay there every time I have a night out in Bolton. Sub-£30, does the job. I don't venture on to the streets, cab out and back.
  5. Traf

    Keith Hill

    This season has gone, get those contracted to us playing. I don't buy into the losing will demotivate them argument. Treating them like shit demotivates young lads more.
  6. Traf

    Keith Hill

    I doubt there's much between them tbh. But Zouma surely has more potential to improve.
  7. Traf

    Keith Hill

    This. And he's failing.
  8. Traf

    Big Telly's

    58 & 65 inch tellies? Do you live in council houses?
  9. Prime's £79 a year, a bargain in its own right, but chuck in the free next day delivery on stuff bought on Amazon and it pays for itself.
  10. The one on Anchor Lane between Highfield & LH saw plenty of action, especially on long bright summer evenings. Running battles most nights.
  11. City in 1938, got relegated after winning it in 37. Also relegated with most goals scored that season.
  12. I was hoping for compensation, not more punishment.
  13. Traf

    Lion of Vienna

    Absolute fucking bellend. About 4 rows down from me and slightly to my right.
  14. Traf

    Lion of Vienna

    The mad cunt with the tash who constantly berates the linesman, setting a great example to the child with him?
  15. Nah, the tabloids say he's a cunt 😉 Buying his mum a house and all that shit.
  16. Raheem Sterling? He'll be off soon, won't he?
  17. Traf

    Tv Shows

    It was as soon as she spoke for me, so basically during the reminder of how the last series finished. Great show, but Jesus, she's fucking annoying.
  18. I got the ball at Crewe (A) years ago, when Philliskirk got his 20th or 25th of that season. It was the milestone that got him and his family a holiday in the USA off the chairman. I ended up getting the ball to him a week later and he gave me a signed shirt in return.
  19. Traf

    Keith Hill

    He certainly won't weaken the side, that's for sure.
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