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  1. This apart from the Liverpool bit.Had some good days/nights out in the centre of Liverpool.
  2. This! Really proud of our performance,took a sending off for the pikey tramps to get anything.Well done lads!!!
  3. The Moviebox app works fine on his I pad it just doesn't want to work with the Chromecast.
  4. Showbox is called Moviebox on the I pad,put it on the brother in laws over Christmas.He's since bought a chromecast and(surprise)it won't work with the I pad.He's having to use his Mrs's Samsung tab with the Showbox app.Not well up on I pads,perhaps it will work if its Jailbroken???
  5. SHAT

    Android Tv

    A Mash Up alternative appeared last night for anybody missing it.Called Phoenix it has a lot of the stuff on it that was on Mash Up.Check out the XBMC addons website for info and details how to download.Might get better as they add to it.www.tvaddons.ag
  6. SHAT

    Android Tv

    Earlier today.Don't know why,possibly a lawsuit.No doubt the truth will out over the weekend.Shame,it was one of the better add ons.There is a fix but if theres nobody updating the add on then it won't work for long.Hopefully something similar will come along and replace it.
  7. SHAT

    Android Tv

    Mash Up has gone.The guy responsible for it has pulled the plug.
  8. SHAT

    Android Tv

    There's a web site called xbmchub.com.Lots of stuff on there to help you out too.
  9. SHAT

    Android Tv

    The powers that be are currently trying to block 1 channel,and that's why you are having problems with it.Google XBMC hub .com and a fix is on there to make it all better again.The government is trying to get internet service providers (ISP's)like Virgin Sky and BT to block the use of things like this as well as Torrent sites,but there are ways around it.Hope this helps.
  10. They should have used that on the football league show.
  11. Just as the curtain closes. . . the music at the end of the Bugs Bunny cartoons complete with Porky Pigs "That's all folks".Funerals are depressing enough without sad songs droning away at the end.
  12. I'll make me own mind up when I've tried it.Can't be any worse than Halliwell Rd,can it?
  13. Sad news.Might have been a shithole but it did have a bit of character,also thats another live music venue down the pan.As Frank pointed out it will be a shame if one of the Punch tavern type of organisations get hold of it.Think I shall be trying Horwich myself in future because Bolton town centre really is the pits pub wise.
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