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  1. Good!One less scrote to burden the tax paying public!
  2. SHAT


    Lads made a few valid points there Mrs Balls!
  3. Wrong!But I've got a terrific Scrote Radar and it bleeped like fuck when I got to that story.
  4. I wouldn't have employed the scruffy get in that article.Every sympathy for anyone with genuine depression but is it the new "whiplash" type thing thats difficult to prove whether or not someone is genuinely suffering from it.
  5. Wish it was !Point is,people who actually work for a living get "depressed"but we just have to crack on.These toss pot politicians should sort out the real tossers instead of picking on people with genuine disabilities i.e.wounded ex service personnel with missing limbs.That bloody horrible fat mess of a "woman"on that BBC prog the other night,about that estate in Dingleburn."I'm on anti depressants so I wouldn't be able to get up if they did give me a job".Shoot the fucker,PLEASE!
  6. There was a story in one of todays rags about some scrote from Burnley in court for being a nuisance neighbour.40 odd and unable to work since he was 17 due to depression.Utter cunt!!!Get him to our place,I'll show him depression,the sad inbred fuckin' malingerer!Yet some bloke who's fought for his country and been wounded can't get fuck all.....makes my fuckin' blood boil!
  7. My lad was chattin' with him an he said exactly that to him.Not the coyle out bit though !
  8. Brilliant that,thanks for the link.
  9. Always remember Mark Lamarr gettin' his own back on Vic Reeves on there,for all the shit he got off him on Shootin' Stars.Piss funny!
  10. Result!Pity it took so long.What about any wives sprogs etc will they be going too?
  11. Just spent five minutes tryin' to rub that full stop off my screen.If your gonna edit,please edit properly.Thanking you!
  12. Notice the bottleless bastard didn't have the balls to lure an armed response unit out instead.Cowardly low life scum!!
  13. He'll probably be deemed as "very brave"for what he's done and get a few hours Community service.Horrible scrote.
  14. Exactly.Thought I was watching The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn at one point.That in bred woman with the hairline at the top of her head had 4 small moto cross bikes.2 in the kitchen and 2 in the bedroom!!?WTF?
  15. Really was horrendous that.Seem to remember one of the saturday afternoon sport programmes at the time going over to it live as it happened.
  16. Thats the one,Amadores beach.Forgot the name,thanks for the reminder.
  17. Walk down,get bladdered then Taxi back up to Hotel.It only cost us a couple of euros.Couple of decent places to eat down by the marina if I remember correctly and if you take a walk round the coastal path theres a really nice beach about 15-20 minutes walk away.Jump on a bus and visit Maspalomas where the dunes are,and have a look at the nudist beach.One of the funniest days out I've ever had on holiday.We also took a booze cruise from Puerto Rico marina on a boat that had a jacuzzi on the back although it was more like a big toilet by the time us piss pots had finished the trip.Might wanna gi
  18. SHAT

    John Coffey

    Love that film.RIP big man!
  19. Sure is.Still owned by the same bloke(Bill)and still a lot of the same old faces in there too.Its another one of those time warp pubs where nowt changes!
  20. Have we had any light nights or did I miss 'em?
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