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  1. Dog and Partridge.Same carpet in there that was in there early 80's.Still sticky!
  2. The thing to do is go in the little Doffy first then go into the Big Doffy.That way your on your way and it doesn't taste quite as shit.Both decent boozers though!
  3. The Coffee Tavern was on Bradshawgate a couple of floors above an estate agents/solicitors (forget which) just across from the wine lodge and a bit further down from Smalls army store.
  4. I.D. theft.The scruffy fcukers look for anything with credit card info,reciepts,catalogue stuff etc,then rob ya blind.Once caught two of the cnuts going through mine at ten in the morning,the hard faced gets.They didn't come again!
  5. :lol:!Your not wrong though,its not exactly a footballers mansion they were searching!
  6. "Leigh White Leigh White,it was really nothing"!
  7. Ha ha ha.Listen to yourselves,you actually all SOUND like his song lyrics!
  8. A load of us went to Radio 1 at Ibiza Rocks a few years back.Vernon Kay was presenting it so we all wore our Wanderers shirts.He spotted us and shouts "Anyone in from Bolton?"to which we went fcukin mental.Behind us from the bar area we hear "wanky wanky etc" and a pint of lager in one of those placcy glasses came flyin' over our heads,and hit some poor bint a few rows in front sat on her blokes shoulders.Piss funny.Crackin' day out and Vernon Kay was a top bloke and played the Bolton thing up all afternoon!
  9. SHAT


    Correct!No problem at all with the ones that want to "westernise"!Why come here if you don't like our society?Hope they rot in hell!You help your kids through good and bad whether you agree or not.Voice your opinion yes,but murder them because you don't agree with the clothes they wear/music they listen too etc....bollocks!Horrible bastards!
  10. The caravansite across from the ground just before you go over the railway bridge is Regent caravansite.Clubhouse has been done up and I think you may be able to park on there for a couple of quid to.
  11. Gonna go look at that,loved it as a kid.Noticed they put a big fence round it to keep the Fowders out!
  12. Press should be made to call him "Wanker" Stapleton .Hope the cunt gets bummed and mutilated!
  13. As in "I'm not goin' out tonight lads I'm stayin' in watchin' D-Box"?
  14. Nowt wrong with seagulls.One flew over us once on a supermarket car park an shit on the missus.Straight across her face an down the back of her specs,funniest thing I've ever seen."Eeeewww it smells"she says,"It fcukin will do ,its SHIT"I said.A couple across from us who witnessed it literally THREW their shopping in the car jumped inside and pissed themselves laughing.All I had for her to clean it off was an oily rag out the boot.It even went in her mouth.The fcuker actually squawked as it fired it out so it must have been a bad 'un.Wife didn't really see the funny side of it for some reason!
  15. Top of Ivy Road,off Chorley Old Road pal.Three shops,one of 'ems the chap off here.
  16. I'd have give her the petrol station for a fumble with them puppies.Fcuk the job!
  17. Ooooohh a sense of humour!You'll get some stick for having one of those on here!
  18. Ghostly Biz.Not seen that for years!
  19. The fish on here will be dissecting that comment looking for racist overtones now!
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