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    Roy Keane

    That is absolutely spot on Bolty.Thats the tackle I've been trying to remember all week,horrible horrible cunt.And lets not forget the time he spat the dummy out when McCarthy was the Ireland manager and came home.People talk about Barton in the same way,and while there are comparisons he will never top Keane for utter cuntishness.Who's idea it was to make him a "pundit" needs to give their head a big shake!
  2. Utter prick.But we'll probably give him a brand new one because its interfered with his human rights.Should have waited till he got back in it then blown it up on the pretense that he had a bomb strapped to him.
  3. Hit him over the head with a Max Boyce sized leek . . . with a nail in it!
  4. I'll second that with fcukin cherries on top!
  5. Well done sir!One of my lads was born on Christmas Day,wasn't due then but like I always say to him now,"You always were an awkward sod".
  6. I once never saw Cheryl Cole.Perhaps as well really!
  7. What security check??It's not the rubber glove is it pal?
  8. !As I say,first time in Portugal.Been to mainland Spain(Benalmadena),Canaries,Balearics,some of the Greek islands and Turkey.Always overlooked Portugal then one lad from work went last year and spoke highly of it so we thought we'd give it a try.Fancy Cuba but the Mrs don't fancy long haul.Hoping to go to New York later on in the year then try to get her to fly a bit farther next time if she's ok with that(cue jokes about it hurtin' her arms)!
  9. Cheers pal much appreciated.Its our first time in Portugal and we're both really lookin' forward to it.
  10. Thanks for the info pal,going there at the end of August.
  11. Whats it gonna be though?It said on the Bolton news site that there was gonna be some structural changes.Wailin' tower and a Dome perhaps or is Gary Neville gonna dig a cave under it and live there.
  12. Couldn't beat Joe The Fat Boys snack.Hmmm hmmm!
  13. If your like that at weddings what must you be like at funerals?
  14. Exactly!How fcuked up is the poor bugger who's vehicle she landed in front of gonna be.No sympathy whatsoever,why not just neck a load of pills with some Jack D.
  15. It did.I worked with a lad at the time whose parents came home one night chuffed to bits with the meal they'd just had.It was raided by the food police the next day and closed down for having dog in the fridge.
  16. I think you mean Tiggi's pal. Ziggi's was the shit "fun" pub in the '80's up Chorley Old Road.
  17. It was The Lido,and your right about the others too,but you forgot to mention The Queens at the bottom of Trinity Street. SHAT.(Mine of useless information).
  18. DEAR AS FUCK maybe pal...but make the most of 'em 'cause when your kids have grown up like mine they get very ordinary.First grand kid that comes along is gonna get spoilt rotten!
  19. Congratulations!The best thing I ever witnessed was the birth of my kids,wouldn't have missed it for the world.Your Crimbo's will be brilliant from now on pal,trust me!
  20. Looks like NB has got a bit of a greb fetish going on there!
  21. One of the best videos of recent years without a doubt,truly moving.
  22. No!It truly is absolute bollocks!
  23. Seen it,very good film.Was a bit dubious at first with it being a foreign film (subtitles etc) but it didn't spoil it at all.Bit like an Oriental Schindlers List.
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