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  1. Sure is!Used to be half decent when it was The Vic,utter toilet now though.Sorry anewman.
  2. I stand corrected.Shanty hut slum!
  3. How the fcuk can you run a computer in a mud hut anyway?
  4. Did you get "groomed" by any chance?
  5. SHAT


    Whats an espadrille?
  6. Don't get me started about those lazy arsed twats!
  7. Pssst!We can't upset the ethnic minorities can we!
  8. Must remember that next time I'm stuck behind some fcukin dying old zombie doin' 20 all the way home.Seeing as they widened the junctions at Halliwell/Blackburn Rd why the fcuk knock it down to two lanes.Nowt worse than drivin' behind dead people who insist on doing 10-15 mph lower than the speed limit,then when they get to the bit where it goes back to 2 lanes they stay in the outside lane because they're gonna turn right 10 miles down the road.Utter cnuts!!!
  9. SHAT


    Utter utter UTTER cunt!!!
  10. SHAT


    Shoot the fcuker now before its too late. He really is a blot on the Bolton landscape.Fcuk off back to porridge land you clueless highland saboteur!!!
  11. Is Sandy still in a wheelchair and does Benny still secretly lust after "Miss Doyaaaane".
  12. SHAT


    Very good that!Your not J.K. Rowling by any chance are you?
  13. Fly 'em all out over the channel (using the deportation excuse of course)in one of those RAF transport planes.Drop the back and push the scumbags out.Job done.Seem to recall another of these stories in the Midlands where they'd taken advantage of young white girls to celebrate their Christmas.The fact they are doing it to young vulnerable white girls MUST be classed as racism.If it was white lads on asian girls the racism card would be played straight away.
  14. That is piss funny.One guy stopped in the middle of the crossing,opened his car door and verbally abused the clown stood still on the crossing.
  15. You must have a bag of Evo Stik tied to your nose pal.The bloke is an utter powder puff malingering wage stealing fairy.Why the fcuk that useless scotch nob took Petrov off and left him on is beyond me!Wish he'd fcuk off back to Burnley and take his manager/best pal with him!Throw the rose tinted specs in the bin mate coz they're clearly fcukin up your vision/mind!And don't get me started on N'Gog.............
  16. Not often do I agree with the fairer sex but the lass has deffo hit the nail on the head!The man in charge is truly an utter fool!
  17. Why the fcuk are we keeping these scum bags.Fly 'em out over the channel and boot the fcukers out the back of a transport plane.Job done and one less burden on the tax payer!
  18. You must be takin' Positive pills ha ha send some over here pal!
  19. Spineless shower of shite!Didn't deserve a wet weekend in Rhyl let alone fcukin Dubai.Be very surprised if we stay up now,there just doesn't seem to be any desire/spirit in this squad of players at all.Don't even get me started on the management side of things!!!!PISSED OFF BIG TIME!
  20. Funniest thread in a looooong while,you poor poor lass!
  21. Well scanned sir,much appreciated!
  22. While we're on the subject what about a "Top Tips"section?
  23. What about the Ticket Office?
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