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  1. waffer cup 07

    FA cup draw tonight

    Walsall it is.
  2. waffer cup 07

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    Were assuming Iles has got his facts right this time.
  3. waffer cup 07

    Todays Games

    Reckon that will affect the number that turn out for the cup game.
  4. waffer cup 07

    King Ken

    Id rather wait until the full truthfull picture emerges rather than speculate on lles's rumours. He obviously has an agenda against Anderson and the club and regularly speculates negatively on rumour and half truths.
  5. waffer cup 07

    FA cup draw tonight

    When was the last time we got a good 3rd round draw.
  6. waffer cup 07

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    The referee saved Parkinson for another week. What the hell you on. the ref gives Wigan a pen that was a superbly timed tackle from Hobbs. then failed to give us a stonewall pen from a clear hand ball. so please explain.
  7. waffer cup 07

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    Never a pen. Superb tackle from Hobbs. Ref gave the decision even though he was unsighted, never consulted linesman. Absolute joke.
  8. waffer cup 07

    Bolton v Pie Eaters

    The players owe the fans , big time. they have a lot to prove. no way will we lose 0-3. An optimistic 2-1, Williams and Ameobe.
  9. waffer cup 07

    Kids kits

    On the question of kits. Why do 1-5 yr olds have to buy a full home kit,(no away kits for that age group )when you can buy just a shirt for older kids.
  10. waffer cup 07

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    So most agreed this squad is better than last season, is it just down to PP that their not showing it. The players have a lot to answer for too.
  11. waffer cup 07

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    Why why why do we always set up so defensive and still lose. We might as we go for it from the start.
  12. waffer cup 07

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    What has Wildschut done for gods sake to earn a recall.
  13. waffer cup 07

    King Ken

    Has our Ken gone into hiding or has he given up trying to rally tbe 'troops'.Can't recall any notes from him for fortnight.
  14. waffer cup 07

    Todays Games

    Should have had a pen. Their keeper clattered Sterling.
  15. waffer cup 07

    Our next manager

    Another poor attempt.

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