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  1. Don't forget 3 of the players on the pitch last night are not even Bolton players, even with them in we are still not good enough and much more likely to be relegated than promoted unless we address our problems, particularly in defence. 10 games played this season, (including cup) 3 wins 2 draws 5 defeats, that is relegation form. I'm sorry but we have to change the manager he clearly is not up to the job.
  2. I like John Terry, great defender, I don't believe he is racist, and whats wrong with shagging someone's EX girl friend.
  3. tedmull

    Big Sam....

    What pride!!! Are you proud of what we are seeing. I think players have to be a bit scared of their manager, no ones scared of O.C.
  4. tedmull


    Bogdan is not ready, I'm sure he will be a good keeper, but he has to learn to command his area, no physical presence.
  5. 1 point for me, draw at home lose both away.
  6. How many points is usually needed to avoid the drop in this league, anyone know?
  7. Unless Jay Spearing is a world beater, I fear a battle against relegation, I hope to God I'm wrong.
  8. Some things got to happen in the next 5 days, our defence and midfield are not good enough, act now or there is more chance of a relegation battle than promotion back to the prem
  9. Well, Just thought I,d push it back up to the top cos I was right.
  10. Only 4 for me, spine of team is not good enough.
  11. tedmull


    Bogdan has potential, but has no physical presence and should not have played in the vital last 6-8 games. It was right to give him a run but when the chips were down it should have been Jussi (or better still Al Habsi).
  12. tedmull

    Mr Coyle

    Owen get it wrong today and you will be run out of town.
  13. We definitely have the ability in the squad to stay up, but can O.C. be trusted to play the right players in the right formation to get results against any of our rivals, we had to beat Wigan but look what happened, we made them look like Real Madrid.
  14. With eleven games to go, so how many points will we get from those 11 games and how many will we need ?
  15. If Suarez firmly believes he did nothing wrong in the first place(which he does) then why would he want to shake the hand of the man who got him an 8 match ban for nothing, would you, I wouldn't.
  16. Needs to be up at the top of the topics to make sure the management (or someone at the club) have seen it.
  17. Hope its true, stunning deal to get 7mill for a player with only 4 months left on his contract.
  18. Wants 100k a week offered 70k (poor sod)
  19. Just reading Gartsides reasons for sticking by Owen and its all ok, its a long term plan. Never heard of a plan to be 5 points adrift of safety at the begining of Dec, does the plan involve going down to league 1, 2 or below. The championship is very tough, look at some of the teams that have struggled in there and many have had to take a second relegation to league 1. Relegation for Bolton is not a plan its a death wish.
  20. We have one chance to stay up and thats to get a new man in before the transfer window, if we can't afford to sack Owen and his backroom staff we have to put them on gardening leave and negotiate a cheaper release. I am really sorry its come to this as I thought Owen was the answer to our prayers, but he is clearly not, he has no tactical knowledge. One thing is certain if he stays we are going down and I think we will then go down and down and down. I know we are skint but relegation and the reduction in income that would bring could even send us into administration.
  21. What about converting S.K.D. to a central defender now that he is getting too old to do up front???
  22. 3 points (norwich) anything else is a bonus
  23. If we lose against City, Newcastle and West Brom draw, Sunderland beat West Ham and Villa beat Liverpool, we will drop to 14th in the league. It would be a terrible shame after such a good season, but it could happen. I hope it doesn't, beating City would be a very good season end.
  24. If pre season is so unimportant how come you remember so much about another teams pre season two years ago?? I have never known a footballer who didn't care about the result of any game he played in. That was a bad result last night and must make the manager think long and hard about his team.
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