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  1. rochdale white

    Sweaty Ken

    On top of the deal for the club to clear the debts etc., what do people feel is acceptable for Anderson to walk away with on top of that?
  2. rochdale white

    Sweaty Ken

  3. rochdale white

    Transfer Gossip

    I’m intrigued by Iles silence on this. I’m not a basher of his, but it’s unusual he’s not all over this story even on social media. LoV seem to be indicating some news due at 9am tomorrow.
  4. rochdale white

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    You really think that? BEN now have national media tweeting about it, more clicks more ads. Majority of Iles stories except match report he can do from home. It’s pathetic tit for tat by both, but locally and nationally, bar this website, people will be on the side of the BEN. I’m bored with the whole thing tbh. I agree Iles has and agenda to a point but don’t trust Ken at all.
  5. rochdale white

    Iles reporting PFA pulled out of funding wages

    He’s a journalist not the clubs PR man. He doesn’t report it and someone else reports it he’d get accused by some for knowing fuck all. Unfortunately nowadays that sort of information won’t wait until tomorrow morning.
  6. rochdale white

    Sweaty Ken

    Iles already has on twitter
  7. rochdale white

    Reading Away

    Absolutely true. Can’t stand them almost as much as the DMBs.
  8. rochdale white

    University Of Bolton Stadium

    Talking UniBollocks
  9. rochdale white

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Come on Gonzo, agree with a lot of what you write but you expect Iles not to report the players going on strike with a game the following day where fans are going to travel up!?
  10. rochdale white


    Getting married in the Old Town on 1st September this year.... love the place!
  11. rochdale white

    Sweaty Ken

    Get this back on! *still don’t know how to embed
  12. rochdale white

    Transfer Gossip

    Another one from Keith Hill brought through the ranks at Dale.
  13. rochdale white

    Wanderers 0-0 Bury

    Stop talking with your cock hanging out
  14. rochdale white

    Oldham 1-0 Wanderers

    No pubs in Westwood... quite a large Asian population there. If you're after a beer best off waiting until next stop in town
  15. rochdale white

    Scunthorpe 1-0 Wanderers

    Think they'll already be champions by then

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