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  1. How many chests have you got? Note to self, read to the end of the thread first
  2. This. Unless they are speaking for us all.
  3. Hmm, because it's the cup? Ironic if so that I can't watch from the home of Carabao.
  4. Can you UK folk buy the Bradford game now? It's showing for me but there is no way to buy. Never been a problem for overseas access before but maybe now I need a VPN
  5. So yes thanks for the tips but I'm looking for DIY solutions. I did find a place in London that I emailed and they quoted £120 to fix em up. I'm sure they brilliant but I'd as well just buy new ones for that.
  6. Any chance you professionals have any tips to rescue leather trainers that got completely wet through and have dried all warped?
  7. Lived in Ramsbottom Bradshaw Astley Bridge Heaton Westhoughton Hull London Ibiza Melbourne Bangkok Singapore Koh Samui Not coming back
  8. I get that. He's saying, with his manc glasses on, that the season after promotion, and after spending 40m more quid, he notched up 4 more places. And my point is that its irrelevant.
  9. Sam never finished higher in the league than he did with us but don't let facts get in your way
  10. Fuck me really? We were already on a knife edge before this once in a century global medical emergency. No one on planet earth knows what's going to happen in the short term future which makes planning for any business a crystal ball crap shoot. I know you're not stupid so what do you expect to be happening here?
  11. And let's be honest, he's probably going to get paid not much. I like it.
  12. Cat 1 to Cat 3 in 5 years. Anyone know the difference between 2 and 3?
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