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  1. Smiley

    Ashes 2019

    £114 for the pair.
  2. Smiley

    Ashes 2019

  3. Smiley

    Things your kids won't experience

    Sunday afternoon day out to "Ringway" to watch the planes. (inspired by hearing Golden Brown on the radio just now - remember buying it from the WHSmiths at the airport).
  4. Smiley

    Tv Shows

    Narcos Mexico - loving it! Great that some of the Colombians have made an appearance mid-series.
  5. Smiley

    Pete Shelley

    Is your dad called Francis? If so, it was. As for the ex-George Tomlinson contingent on here, most will have heard English teacher Mr. Ashby regale his times as bassist in the early days of the Buzzcocks when at BIHE.
  6. Smiley

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    No trains into Manchester from where we live! Taxi companies playing hardball - none of them want to drive into the city!
  7. Smiley

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Anyone doing Charlatans & James tomorrow? Any idea of stage times?
  8. Smiley

    Haddock 5 Dec

    Unfortunately not. only paid on first 2. FFS! Will keep my tips to myself.
  9. Smiley

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Did you go? Was pretty damn good.
  10. Smiley

    King Ken

    Which begs the question..... whatever happened to our sparkling academy? When are these young players going to break through?
  11. Smiley

    King Ken

    Hopefully enough to cover Ken's latest "consultancy" invoice.
  12. Smiley

    Haddock 5 Dec

  13. Smiley

    King Ken

    But the buyers are waiting for us to go bump before stepping in. Its inevitable. We just needed to have amassed a lot more points to cushion the 12 point deduction. If that comes now it'll be fatal.
  14. Smiley

    King Ken

    I'd play for £500 a week - with the off-chance I wouldn't get paid now and then.
  15. Smiley

    Haddock 5 Dec

    Had 3 tips. Don't usually get any tips, so having a dabble EW on them. 12.20 Emerald Chieftan 2.25 Tax me if you can 3.00 Steps and stairs EDIT: Title's a bit fishy!!! That'd be running at Haydock!!

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