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  1. The players cant wait to get of the pitch. Coyle had to point them in he direction of he travelling supporters! Out on monday!! Not a clue who will come in! Need someone with some balls to give the players a good rocket up there arses! Mavies MOM for me covered every blade of grass. Klasnic wants shooting, could & should have stopped 2 of the goals. Its players with simular attitudes to him dragging his club down! 7-10 players out of contract in the summer! A new BWFC era starting in the championship!
  2. Were gash up front & at the back! to many players with to many excuses!!
  3. The problem is Coyle has no clue what to do. Hes missing Lee n Holden but the team is in bits every week! Not good enough!!!
  4. I have to agree, its either clothes on or clothes off for me. No of this lounge wear rubbish. If you start off down that route you'll end up shopping in um like scousers.
  5. You've no chance of making a tackle like that, although kev n robbo will probably try!
  6. He's been brilliant in every game this season and for a lil mon cant half laep like a salmon
  7. You can stillpark further down the hill. Just walk down the road rather than the canal.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Jackburn and pie eaters or milan? Milan for me!
  9. I'll be on't train from Wigwam plus 2. few in liverpool
  10. Who's going and how are you getting there
  11. Me plus 3 will be on't train from Wigan and in pub for 11. Anyone else going on trains??
  12. He was taking the pi $$ trying to get some fun into supporting bwfc!! Plus he is a sound lad very opinionated but which bolton fan isnt??
  13. Does anyone know the name of the bolton fan who was at Wigan last year with the turkey hat on?? I was at Portsmouth with him but didnt get his real name!!
  14. Turkey whats ur real name mate?? Oh and are yoou going to brum?? Gaz

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