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  1. Jesus Fucking Christ. No words.
  2. We’re going down no two ways about it. If Hill thinks he can stroll through the rest of this season he is mistaken. We need to start winning games and show we are building towards next season regardless of the division we are in. Not been impressed with Hill so far. He’s like a pound shop Ian Holloway.
  3. They’ll get a free pass because they’ve not been together long but that was a disgraceful performance today. It’s been two weeks supposedly they’ve been on the training ground together but it didn’t look like that today. Verlinden and Politic look great in possession but are a complete liability when we don’t have the ball hence the number of times the full backs were overloaded two vs. one. They only player I saw put in a tackle all day was Lowe. Very, very poor. Regardless of the circumstances. Emmanuel looked like he is running through treacle all the time. Massive, massive mountain to climb.
  4. Even if it goes against Bassini today, could he appeal? If he appeals would that have the same effect as an adjournment for the club?
  5. I'm holding on to the hope that whenever Bassini has been down the high court route previously he's had his arse handed to him by the judge. Hopefully this happens again today.
  6. Any chance the game goes ahead with a restricted capacity? The priority is to get the game on. Could they restrict the capacity to 3-4K to minimise the costs of hosting the game. If the game still goes ahead you would assume it would keep the EFL happy.
  7. Got tickets for Bucs Panthers. Best part of 100 notes each though.
  8. Loving these 80s videos. Memories of us trawling through the lower divisions is helping to steel myself for what might be to come over the next few seasons. Some of these games are my earliest memories of watching us. The Rochdale game posted a bit ago was my first away game. I remember us getting beat by Mansfield in the FRT when I'd convinced myself we would end up playing at Wembley. I was so pissed off that 5 year old me chucked my scarf away and said I never wanted to watch Bolton again. I think I went to the next game though. Some of the games around these times that really stick in my memory for some reason: We lost to Doncaster 1-0 towards the end of the season we got relegated to Div 4 - I think Neil Redfearn might have scored. Doncaster played in green I think. Remember the atmosphere was really grim as everyone knew what was coming. Remember losing to Port Vale in the cup at home. I seem to remember Vale bringing loads that day but could be wrong. 6-0 against Newport. The 3-1 (?) against Burnley in Div 4. It seemed to young me that there was about 50,000 on. It was the biggest crowd I'd seen at Burnden at the time after a few seasons of 3 & 4k crowds.
  9. Selling the ground and any associated land we still own to replace it with a smaller, functional stadium with lower overheads in Bolton TC would work for me.
  10. I think the EFL will threaten to kick us out of the league if we don't play these last two matches. The threat of being kicked out the league will see us manage to get a team of some sort out.
  11. Jan Gregus. Dougie signing that never played for the first team. Went on to play CL with Copenhagen and now a full international. Rochina - the dwarf that Lennon signed on loan has gone on to have a decent career at top level in Portugal.
  12. This is a depressing thread. I watch a lot of non league so wouldn't be bothered watching a reformed Wanderers way down the pyramid although I would have serious concerns if it was being run by the current ST. If a reformed Wanderers didn't happen I'll be watching a lot more Chorley, Rammy, Colls etc. and RL with the odd Kilmarnock game thrown in. Having said all that, I still don't think the worse case will happen. We might need to take admin, spend a few years in the lower divisions but I think we will survive. If we do survive, we can't ever let ourselves get in this situation again. The club needs to be run within its means and if that means we don't see the PL or Championship again, then so be it.
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