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  1. Beaugard out, Gartside promoted, Phoenix stays?
  2. I understand that the pandemic is going to blow a hole in most club's finances but relying on the kindness of strangers doesn't seem to be a sustainable way to run a football club. If we are so potless, why do we keep hiring people at exec level? At the last count we have Beaugard, Andy Gartside, Phoenix - is Marland still there? It just seems like overkill for a L2 club hemorrhaging money left, right and centre.
  3. Not great that less than 12 months in we are defaulting on payments to the Davies family and restructuring the payments to the administrators.
  4. Boro - Carling Cup Final - closest we will ever get to winning a major trophy in my lifetime Stoke SF Villa SF Accrington 1-7
  5. Barnet giving notice of redundancy for entire squad and coaching staff due to no games because of coronavirus. Can see this happening at a few football clubs.
  6. How will cutting back expenditure on the Academy to the same level as Morecambe "support Bolton Wanderers back on its way to top flight football" as the statement says? FV are skint.
  7. Get in. Skol Vikings
  8. The Vikings are a team of flat track bullies. Very good at destroying crap teams but go to pieces against good teams - Cousins is a perfect reflection of that. He’s had a good season overall and a lot of the struggles last night weren’t solely down to him - the O line and play calling were garbage. Was hoping we would get something last night as I’m over there for the Bears game. Likely we will rest everyone for the play offs now. Credit to the Packers. The RB and the D have been really good this season. I thought they might struggle with the new coach at the start of the season.
  9. Report on The Athletic that the rest of League One will take the EFL to court if we don’t get more points deducted. They are also looking at claims that we fielded illegally registered players for the Wycombe game. Report goes on to say that L1 clubs also concerned about the finance of the new owners because we still owe the administrators one million quid. On the last point, I don’t think the admins get paid until the old company gets liquidated so not worrying about that.
  10. We’re going down no two ways about it. If Hill thinks he can stroll through the rest of this season he is mistaken. We need to start winning games and show we are building towards next season regardless of the division we are in. Not been impressed with Hill so far. He’s like a pound shop Ian Holloway.
  11. They’ll get a free pass because they’ve not been together long but that was a disgraceful performance today. It’s been two weeks supposedly they’ve been on the training ground together but it didn’t look like that today. Verlinden and Politic look great in possession but are a complete liability when we don’t have the ball hence the number of times the full backs were overloaded two vs. one. They only player I saw put in a tackle all day was Lowe. Very, very poor. Regardless of the circumstances. Emmanuel looked like he is running through treacle all the time. Massive, massive mountain to climb.
  12. Even if it goes against Bassini today, could he appeal? If he appeals would that have the same effect as an adjournment for the club?
  13. I'm holding on to the hope that whenever Bassini has been down the high court route previously he's had his arse handed to him by the judge. Hopefully this happens again today.
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