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  1. No that was 1998, Wimbledon was 95 if my memory serves me correctly. And wasn't it Blake that scored at southampton in 98?
  2. I think he might be apologies for that... Looks like our replacement for Hadji Diouf
  3. I also can not pass judgement as i have never seen him play, dont want to look at you tube either as that made Braaten look good... Lets hope Meggs has signed a decent striker here though.
  4. Have to agree I have been resigned to losing Diouf since his comments at the end of last season but I am very dissapointed with the fee expected at least 3.5 Million
  5. Skysports says he is at Sunderland having a medical !!
  6. We are going back to Reading with an improved offer for Harper.... Not a bad player IMO but I think we need someone a little more creative! http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/200...15875-20674615/
  7. He was number 4, captain. 7 was Harsanyi he didnt look too bad either, although we were playing against some 3 rate toss pots!
  8. Looked the best of a bad bunch at Macc on saturday
  9. There are a million times quicker, the performance is far better than a P.C of similar spec. They do look better and have a much better interface than Windows OS but that's just my opinion.
  10. Correct, I have recently crossed from PC to MAC never regretted it, never will Mac are far better than PC's IMO!
  11. I dont think we will sign Guthrie especially as we have now signed Muamba
  12. Good signing, lets follow it up with some more.
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