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  1. Cheers Rudy defo wasn’t a slow news day been a year to forget
  2. That me all done, Pfizer BioNTech doing its job hopefully
  3. Queue-it (queue-it.net) Brewdog Free beer *£1.95 P&P
  4. So has Moscow Mitch, Trump meltdown incoming
  5. Traces on BBC filmed all over Bolton doubling as Dundee.
  6. No one for Cobra Kai? Full nostalgia in series 3
  7. Little treat to start the day off https://boobsadventcalendar.com
  8. Just had e mail Game they will be limited stock selling on line on launch day, thing a few places held back but think won’t be enough for everyone before Xmas
  9. https://twitter.com/stevepop29/status/1323963242297888769?s=21
  10. Just seen tree up in house down road, what’s wrong with people
  11. Or chop them up like the Saudis do
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