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  1. HR

    Sweaty Ken

    If he is still involved it's hardly worth worrying about Mr Allanson.
  2. HR

    Sweaty Ken

    I'm surprised no one has asked if Ian Bridge is still involved in any capacity.
  3. HR

    Mini Road Roundabouts.

    I often forget that someone who has entered the roundabout (crossed the white line) has right of way. You can be mistaken for thinking there's nothing coming from your right so I will just steam through, this isn't always the case.
  4. The mass walk out will definately happen (only if we are losing by 2 or more goals).
  5. HR

    Help With Mental Health Problems

    If you havent seen it, Neville Southall's twitter account is excellent and a website link would reach quite an audience. Good luck.
  6. HR

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    It's sad all round, worst bit is turning fans against fans. Hopefully chip wrappers by the time the season starts.
  7. HR

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    Guessing end of season loyalty bonuses which caused all the shit at the end of last season (on the basis my guesses are as good as anybody else's)
  8. HR

    Players On Strike - St Mirren Off

    There could be a positive spin to this, if a takeover is in process, neither party will want to take over the day to day costs until it's complete. Cursed with optimism me.
  9. HR

    Your Worst Weekish Ever?

    Sorry for your troubles, mine dont really compete but here goes. Few weeks ago my mum passed away unexpected while my sister was on holiday in Australia. A few days later some cow decided to join my side of the road and hit me head on, somehow she managed to drive off whilst I was wrestling with my airbags. At the time my head felt like I was in a washing machine, I even took some dark humour out of the situation. That humour has fucked right off now, life sometimes is just a big bucket of shitty dogwank.
  10. HR

    London Tower Block Engulfed In Flames

    If you are interested in the potential technical reasons for the fire spread you might find this interesting; http://www.greenbuildingforum.co.uk/newforum/comments.php?DiscussionID=15130&page=1 Seems it could be a whole host of reasons from a failure to install correct fire breaks to a perfect storm of circumstances leading to the catastrophic spread of the fire. Someone makes an interesting point that the Local Authority did not invest circa £10m on the flats in order to cut costs but it might turn out the main priorities of the build process focussed disproportionately on thermal properties rather than fire prevention.
  11. HR

    Scotland Vs England

    Arms folded of course
  12. HR

    Scotland Vs England

    Couldn't agree more, gutted SNP didn't get every seat let them have their independence and offer to build Trump a test wall along the border.
  13. HR

    Transfer Gossip

    Darren Huckleberry Lee Sawyer
  14. HR

    Penalty Order Changing?

  15. HR

    Penalty Order Changing?

    On the penalty front a rule change that would improve the game. If a player is deemed guilty of simulation or diving in the box, instead of getting a yellow card he concedes a penalty against his own team.

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