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  1. Simon Whaley - played for PNE & Chorley. Alan Ainscow - finished his career at Horwich RMI '90
  2. Flew into Pisa for the Italy game in Rome 97. Had a mooch back to the ground and by coincidence, there were a few folk hanging around waiting for a coach for an away game. They were really struggling I think and had dropped to the regional leagues, not many there. Had a sort of conversation with some of them nice chaps.
  3. Went in a mini bus from Howcroft. Was a coach but turned into a mini bus after the Holland game. Remember skating through the Alps was a bit hairy. Think only a select few went to Ascoli, flew with the players etc.
  4. Dickheads but a few at it. Front window put in. Knobs drinking int street music blaring out other neighbours pissed off i guess.
  5. Pretty much riot vans here now moorfield grove
  6. Kicking off in Tonge Moor 1st bit of sun brings the dicks out as ever.
  7. Thats very sensible but private sector wont do it obviously. They need to be told, Govt needs to step up folk getting pissed off now.
  8. Tonge Park full of kids. 5 a side going, group of teenagers on the benches etc. Plenty on the playground, the young are oblivious to this its half term.
  9. Prof John Ashton still advising taking light exercise, dog walk etc alone, is a good thing. Nothing too risky and keeping your distance from others makes sense to me. Mental Health timebomb too otherwise.
  10. All factories not fighting the disease or presumably food, ordered to close in Germany. Proper lockdown, think well be at that stage in a week tops.
  11. Try going on your settings, then player and make sure VLC is ticked. Might not be but that was my problem - and being on the wrong fookin channel.
  12. Carlisle open terrace behind goal to large away followings. Nailed on if a Sat ko.
  13. Hope Macc don't go bust that's an old school type ground nearby. Went when we played Chester there.
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