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  1. South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are either already out of it or clearly not good enough to trouble teams. That leaves WI and Pakistan to try and trouble the top 4, and they're both well on the back-foot now - frankly bad weather would only make it harder for them to catch up. By the time the group stages are done I'd be pretty surprised if there isn't at least a 3 point gap between 4th and 5th.
  2. Rest of the group stages are glorified friendlys now - 4 best teams already in the qualifying spots with a comfortable gap over the only teams who could conceivably catch them.
  3. Obviously a load of nonsense, but frankly pointing out that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander is probably the only hope to make people of a different political persuasion trying to get the police involved when people say things they disagree with
  4. Hard to understand why the coach and captain still send Ali in this far up - he's been a nightmare with the bat for 2 or 3 years now. Even his good days are boundaries surrounded by lots of dots. 2 great individual performances today, surrounded by lots of dross but nearly got there. Just need to hope a few rain offs against the weaker teams doesn't leave them with too much pressure later on against decent sides. Not convinced the chasing preference works under world cup pressure either - top order looks very nervy with it. Bat first today on that pitch Pakistan wouldn't have had a prayer.
  5. Enjoyable game so far; hope Bangladesh can finish this off well. Saffers have a long tail; need a good start or they don't look like chasing anything big
  6. Great news to wake up to. Nice performance from Smith too, must be having a go with Canelo at some point soon.
  7. First listen to the ICC mandated commentators - I'd forgotten how annoying they are. Load of clueless Aussies talking up their laboured march to 290 odd as a top score. England playing pretty poorly but still cruising with half their batting line up rested.
  8. The ashes are so late Jimmy is available for 2/3rds of our games. There should be room in the team for both and frankly we should be getting promoted so easily (3 go up, and large parts of this division are rank poor) that the focus should be on developing players for next year and beyond.
  9. Investing in youth but never picking them. Mahmood dropped after 1 championship game despite being top wicket taker in 1 day cup. Instead picked a pace bowling line-up which is 36, 36, 31 and 28
  10. 2nd match in a row with a pointless toss. Under current rules the away team can choose to bowl, or go for a toss. In both games they went for a toss, we won and put them in to bat.
  11. Sadly more true than I expected, completely subsided with the bat. Luckily Mahmood is a monster so it seems we're still in the game here though.
  12. And there we go. 4 down and no batting left for the 2nd half of the innings.
  13. Decent start, but as usual a batsman light and could do with a good partnership here or we could be scratching around trying to bat the overs
  14. Fuck me that was hard work. Back on TV Sunday, hopefully Livingstone can get some runs - we do look light a finisher at the moment, no real umph in the batting but hard to argue with the bowling line up
  15. Felt a bit disappointed there was no real twist to be honest. Well made but didn't have any wow moments for me. Maybe a victim of the standards they've set on previous big set piece episodes
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