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  1. 2 different foreign owned power generators decided to shut off at the same time. A bit disappointing there isn't better coordination.
  2. Yates looking extremely strong again - bit gutting him and his brother don't seem to have peaked right this season - at their best they would have the beating of Carapaz and Bernal, but wasn't to be this year.
  3. All over very quickly for the French there. Hope Bernal gets back in after playing the team role just now - would be nice to see someone with a proper GC build win one
  4. Hope he does it - French need a winner and he's much more talented than Pinot, even if GT GC is probably not the most natural fit. Having said that he's still a far more natural fit for it than most of the recent British winners.
  5. Thomas's lead in the team battle gone. Personally struggling to see past a French winner, but Pinot is a flake so may well be some pieces for Bernal to pick up
  6. Bernal's gained a minute in 2 stages on Thomas and you think a 30 second lead will protect Thomas? Not sure what value you think the team's 'support' has for Thomas when Bernal has been able to put so much time in to him already when the lead was previously 90 seconds. Real shame Adam peaked his season incorrectly - pretty weak field this year and he could have been a real danger if he was here in his spring form.
  7. Nice win for Simon Yates today - now has stage wins in all 3
  8. Interesting to see what the plan is with Roy - no record of success in first class cricket, so should they be telling him to go out and try and make 77 off 65
  9. Aye, after going for a 6s and when it looked like we couldn't stop a hard run 2, to get a couple of singles off the last 2 balls was a cracking performance
  10. He bowled a cracking first delivery - bang on the line after the batsman had come a long way across. Unfortunately the Dharmasana Review System does not extend to wides!
  11. Bit of a robbery on player of the tournament there against Shakib. Williamson's been very good, but until today he had fewer runs than Joe Root and no one has him as a candidate.
  12. Tied main match. Tied super over. Won on boundary count-back (cheers Jos).
  13. I'd love to see someone try to script one closer with more twists, in any sport
  14. yeeeeeeEEEEadyufag;uifHAE#IOFHQ#io
  15. Need to start defending singles. That wide was a poor poor call - batsman was 2 foot across to off and the bowler is allowed to follow.
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