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  1. What was the chances of Adam Johnson playing in the world cup 2 months ago? And they say its not who you play for!
  2. Cheap effort for tesco just under ?50 smacker. Does the trick for me.
  3. Kids tickets it is then, Ta BWFC
  4. Thought that myself! Fooking technology
  5. TV Matsui 1080i hdmi 2x scart 9x couloured white red blue 3xcoulored red white yellow LAPTOP vga 3x USB
  6. Got all the information off a lad at work, bought the lead in tesco, got home and cant believe my 1 year old 32 lcd does not have a vga port , FUCKING GUTTED Is there any way round this? Need it to show presentations etc
  7. Davies until the foul was having a blinder. Robinson isnt good enough
  8. Great news for BWFC. Owen Coyles Super White Army!!!!!!
  9. Mines also S reg but only registered in 2001, I think most of these car places bulk buy and some cars dont get sold till later on due to colour, spec etc
  10. Been on PS3 now for over a year, everyone been saying I need to get this Call Of Duty. Just been looking ont net and its around ?40, the robbing barstewards. Anyone on here got it? Is it any good? Anywhere sell it cheap? Cheers in advance.
  11. 1st No Left back required 2nd No Keeper required 3rd A central defender is needed, a commander, leader etc 4th AGREED 5th No Diouf required
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