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  1. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/rank?versionId=18&listId=188#topOfList GEt voting
  2. Bolton have let 'slip' that Coyle is #1 choice, Coyle hasn't said no nor been officially approached. Bookies would be pretty bonkers to still have lines up at this point, although some clearly still do.
  3. there's nothing thumbs up about the prospect of Reid getting the job
  4. hallelujah, hopefully that is the last time we hear that name.
  5. Tried them on Wednesday via live chat as they had nothing posted. It took about 20 minutes for the stupid bint to even understand what a "Next BWFC manager market" actually was. They don't do such a thing apparently.
  6. Before Man City, Hughes managed Blackburn, why would you think we are too small for him? Who else is giving him a job - not the SKY 4, not Spurs, Villa, Everton, Sundeland, Brum, Stoke or Fulham either. Obviously not Man City or Blackburn. So in the premiership, that leaves Wigan, Hull, Pompey, Wolves, Burnley, West Ham and little old Bolton. So why not?
  7. It's a bit scary to point out, but bet365 are based in Stoke for those that dont know.
  8. Shame, but well done for at least trying.
  9. The fans would be behind the appointment of Peter Reid?! Really?
  10. there was a poll last night, but it got pulledd. Leave it lads
  11. no idea, havnt been here in motnhs?
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