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  1. Elton John George Michael Queen The Jam Pulp Prince Grime Ed Sheran
  2. Tony


    I used to work for Unipart and had a family discount on Rovers and my mum got an MG Metro. It was a very decent car, very good acceleration. Until One day it was stolen off the drive and raced around all night and was never the same again. Only consolation was when we got the report of where it was dumped, somewhere in Daubhill. When we got to it my brother and I found a key ring in the car, which had initials on it. The police said we know who that is and the culprit was apprehended, not very far from where it was dumped.
  3. Tony


    I would have thought that you would have expected everyone to pay their taxes, after all without taxes we don't have an NHS and welfare state.
  4. Tony


    On the bus tours in Dublin, the driver provides a constant stream of jokes and piss takes. My point is that in his own city some people think he is a bit of a hypocrite. And the rest of the bus found it very funny.
  5. Tony


    A good number of years ago on a Dubliin Bus Tour the driver drew our attention to one of Bono's houses on the banks of the Liffey and shouted "the tax dodging bollox".
  6. Agreed often jumped to crime solved out of nowhere. Never an easy watch, bit 2nd half of S3 was pretty good.
  7. Whilst I thought the Hastings book was good and well worth reading.It was so packed with detail it was hard work to keep going. Very intense.
  8. I think you missed off the clinching characteristic of the statanist - no hair
  9. You are adding a comment out of context to the previous postings. I am not advocating protecting statues or cenotaphs I am challenging what I perceive to be dismissive comments about the Cenotaph.
  10. London Wanderer "We created famines in India and Ireland that killed millions" Why would you say that. I can't comment on Bengal, but my family had a farm in Mayo ( one of the worst affected counties in Ireland) and having seen the farmland I don't know they could ever have managed to survive under any conditions with 8 children. But the British didn't create the famine. There was neglect, incompetence and some evil landlords who disposessed their tenants, but there were good landlords who helped their tenants, including my family.
  11. I get it you and your family are not arsed about the Cenotaph. Perhaps you will allow others to think differently without being dismissive.
  12. Perhaps read your original comment again. "Not sure they'd be arsed about the Cenotaph" a dismissive comment My understanding is that many former soldiers didn't speak of their experiences until they were approaching old age, precisely because they were so horrific and they lost so many people they lived and worked with.
  13. Quite a snidey way of trying to close down somebody else's arguement. My father spent 7 years in the Army in WW2, survived but took most of his 20s away from him. He didn't talk about it at all until his 60s although we watched all of the World at War together and he got quite emotional when we went to Normandy on holiday seeing the D Day beaches. When he did talk about it we understood why he had shut it off: horrific experiences in the retreat across Crete, the devastation of Normandy, the horror of seeing a concentration camp soon after Allied troops had relieved it.
  14. London White "I put them in a worse boat than the likes of the Green Brigade - but that's probably where we differ ey." I remember Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967 (I was 7) and have followed them from a distance ever since. I am 2nd generation Irish and we always support sporting success from those of Irish heritage across the spectrum. I have only learned more about the Green Brigade in the last few years and the more I learn the less I like. Only started in 2006, small minority and the club try and disrupt them (Lennon has acknowledged them but we all kn
  15. Have watched all 3 series. Got a bit complicated and you had to concentrate hard to keep up. Character development was good, wouldn't have minded seeing a bit more of Lena.
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